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Why Choose Food on Track Web App over Train Pantry?

Foods served by Indian railways are unfit for the passengers to consume and this has been shown in the report by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India that was released in 2017. With corona coming into the picture in 2020, concerns regarding food safety during train journeys escalated even more. Looking at the deteriorating scenarios, the Food on Track Web App has come up with providing online orders of food in train services to the passengers on board.

People are becoming aware of health and its related issues. Now passengers either carry home-cooked foods or are turning towards ordering online food on the train which is offered by various apps. Pantry cars are so filthy and unsanitary that if anyone looked at their situations, few passengers who are still ordering for whatever reason would stop.

Reasons why you should select Food on Track Web App


The food supplied on trains is filthy and polluted. Water used in beverages such as tea, coffee, and soup is contaminated. There is no adherence to hygienic standards which ultimately makes people sick and puts a burden on their pockets.

Food on Track Web App, on the other hand, prioritizes sanitation. From the preparation of your food through its delivery to your seats, no compromises are made. It offers the best food delivery in train service, where passengers have to put their worries aside and place orders for their favorite meals and enjoy the train journey.

2. Menu:

For years, the same meal has been served in pantry cars, and it tastes pathetic. Despite numerous complaints, no modifications have been implemented. The quantity provided is also insufficient for the entire voyage, forcing passengers to rely on filthy and unhygienic platform snacks.

But with Food on Track Web App, you get varieties of restaurant-style food options from North Indian, and South Indian to different kinds of Thali etc. to order online in train and it will be delivered at your preferred railway station.

3. Price:

When food is ordered from train pantries, passengers have to pay fixed prices that are overcharged when compared to other options and nothing can be done about it but to book the meal. The other two options are to either starve or rely on foods sold on platforms that are already being devoured by the flies.

Don’t worry. Food on Track Web App offers you a wide range of foods at a reasonable price. You just have to visit the official website and enter your PNR number then a long list of partner restaurants will appear on your screen from where you will have to place online food order in train and your meal will be delivered directly to your seat hassle-free. We also serve group food order in train for groups traveling to any destination in India.

4. Waiting time:

You can’t place an order for pantry food until someone will come to take orders. Even if you are starving or you have to take your medicine, nothing can be done. You just have to wait, wait and wait.

Food on Track Web App, on the other hand, will not let hunger torture you. You just need to have a valid PNR number and you can book your food in train even a few hours before boarding, provide the seat number and station name and it will be delivered to your preferred station, right on your seat and on time.

5. Customization:

“Expectations hurt”. We have heard this multiple times and the same is the case with train pantry foods. Even if you are allergic to some food or restricted to having some particular type of food, or suddenly you met your long-lost friends and have to place a group order or whatever may be the situation, you simply can’t customize it and so even your courteous talks will not change their mind.

However, this is not the case with Food on Track Web App. You can book whatever meal you want, in whatever quantity you want, and at whatever station you want. Quantity and quality are guaranteed by us, you only have to sit back, relax and enjoy food on the train.

What is a Pantry car on a train?

A pantry car is a special coach on the train that prepares and serves food to the passengers. However, the pantry car doesn’t maintain hygiene norms that are necessary to be followed during train journeys and ultimately passengers get sick.

What Is Online Food Delivery in Train?

Online food delivery in train refers to the process of delivery of selected pre-ordered meals by the passengers to the train berth and it includes:

  • Meals are delivered at the station according to the train’s timetable.
  • The pre-ordered meal is delivered along with a bill/invoice.

So, if you are the next planning a train journey, do not miss downloading the Food on Track Web App and order food online on the train for a refreshing journey.

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