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Type of Foods We Should Avoid Carrying While Train Journey

The train journey is an economical and affordable mode of transport. It is preferred by almost 24 million people in their everyday routine. Many people consider the train to be a comfortable means of transportation, particularly for long journeys. Like old days, people still carry home-cooked foods with them due to different reasons. However, due to changing temperatures during the journey, food gets spoiled. Here comes the role of the Food on Track Web App from which you can order a variety of food for the train journey.

So when you are traveling by train, here’s a long list of foods that are not advisable to carry on the train. Below are some of them:



Carrying milk during the train journeys is not advisable. Due to the unavailability of a refrigerator and changing temperatures during the train journey, milk curdles and becomes unsuitable to consume.

However, if carrying milk with you during the journey is important due to some reason, it is advisable to consume it within a few hours.



Omelette is a healthy and tasty breakfast option. However, it is suggested not to keep cooked eggs out of the fridge for more than two hours. When carried during train journeys, it becomes acidic due to uneven temperature that upsets the stomach.

Yet, if you or your travel partner wants to eat an omelet, it can be ordered hot and fresh from the Food on Track Web App and it will be delivered to your seat.

3.Gravy Dishes


Carrying gravy-based dishes on the train journey has the chance to ferment due to hot weather. So, your craving to have gravy dishes like butter chicken, chicken butter masala, paneer butter masala, etc can go in vain. Do not head to the pantry car for such taste, as the food quality you get will not be up to the mark. In that case, it can be ordered online on the train in a packed container fresh and tasty. It is one of the reasons why food on track web app is preferred by train travelers.



It is suggested to include fruits in everyday life. It might not be a good option to carry them on the train. Fruits tend to degrade quickly. They become soggy and lose their firmness.

But in case, you want to carry fruits, it is suggested to avoid keeping sliced fruits which can remain safe for 2 hours. Apart from that, there are different states famous for different fruits which can be consumed fresh during train halts:

  1. Strawberries at Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, and West Bengal railway stations,
  2. Oranges at Nagpur railway station,
  3. Mango at Bihar and Uttar Pradesh railway stations etc.

5.Packed Juices


Fruit Juices are a healthy alternative to sliced fruits and are easier to consume healthy nutrients. But it is suggested to avoid juices that are kept out of the refrigerator for more than two hours.

When the juice boxes are carried on the train, the warm temperature decays them and makes them unsuitable to drink. Taking them on the train might not be a good option but in case carrying it can’t be avoided, make sure to consume them within the given time frame to avoid any ill effects on your health.

6.Non Veg


Non-vegetarian foods can be a tasty meal option during the train journey, especially for hardcore non-veg lovers. However, from a health point of view, it is suggested not to carry such foods on the train journeys that are hard to digest like fish, chicken, meat, etc.

Diarrhea, acidity, and food poisoning can make you ill and spoil your happy mood for the journey.

What Other Options Do You Have?

Keeping in mind all these problems faced by the passengers for a long time, the Food on Track Web App has started the service of online group food delivery on trains.

You can now easily order their food on the train. Download the Food on Track Web App and enter a 10-digit valid PNR number. Choose your food and make payments through multiple options including debit card/credit card/net banking/UPI and Cash on Delivery (COD).

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