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How does Food on Track Fulfils Your Group Food Order in Train?

India is one of the most religiously and ethnically diverse nations in the world. This diversity can also be seen in foods of different regions. Where idli, dosa is famous in South India, chole bhature is famous in north India and likewise. This diversity in foods is even more enjoyable during the train journeys when you choose a group food order service for the train journey and enjoy food using the Food on Track Web App.

Traveling in a group is always fun and makes us excited about the trip. Groups can be of various types; friends’ group, family group, corporate group, etc, and food arrangement for each one in the group is a tough task. Now group food ordering on train is made easy for the passengers traveling in a group.

Food On Track Web App: Group Food Order in Train Journey

To make your group journey memorable from the very start, the very first step that one needs to follow is to avoid unhygienic and distasteful pantry food. Second, do not carry home-cooked food with you as it has less shelf life. Do not worry! Half of your food worries will be eased only when you download the Food on Track Web App from the play store/apple store or visiting our official website and ordering food in the train of everyone’s choice at one go.

Why Order Group Food from the Food on Track Web App?

Food on Track Web App understands everyone’s concerns related to food during train journeys that people have to face and works accordingly, ensuring safe and hygienic food along with fulfilling everyone’s taste in the group. A train traveling in a group is fun but has one difficult part arranging food for everyone. 

However, the Food on Track Web App has resolved the issue, as we have several options to order and customize our order. We can easily place our Group Food Order in Trains Online as per our likes and preference. Here are some reasons why we should use the IRCTC catering app for group food orders on the train.

Unhygienic food in pantry cars:  Pantry cars are one of the most filthy and unsanitary areas aboard trains, and cooking in them automatically makes food unhygienic and unsafe for our health.

No choices on the menu:  Pantry cars do not provide a variety of meals. Passengers are forced to order from a limited menu of uninspiring options. It is a waste of money to spend on such foods. No worries! Now Group food order in train is made easy through food on track. 

Fixed overcharged price:  Pantry cars with few food selections offer a fixed price that is inflated and unworthy, but customers choose these dishes owing to a lack of other options.

Have to wait to place an order:  Passengers are unable to place food requests until a member of the train pantry arrives to take orders. Even if you are starving, you will have to wait for hours for someone to arrive. This is the case with trains that have pantry cars. Traveling in trains without pantry cars is the hardest and ultimately you either have to hop down on some station or starve until you reach your destination.

No Changes Are Accepted in Orders:  Firstly, options are limited and once the order is placed you can’t change it. For example, you can’t go till the end of the train searching for a pantry and change your meal from veg to non-veg. But when you order from the Food on Track Web App, you don’t have to face any of such situations.

  • Foods are hygienic and healthy
  • Wide range of food options are available
  • Discounted prices
  • Easy to order anytime
  • Customization of food can easily be done
  • Available on any train across India.
  • One can easily track, change or cancel orders.

How Group Ordering Works in Train?

Ordering food in bulk for a train journey with Food On Track Web App is super easy passengers have to go through a few simple steps and the order will be placed hassle and will be delivered right to their seat. Passengers have to enter their PNR number, seat number, food of their choice, station details on which they want their food to be delivered, and journey date on the app or by visiting our official website. As a confirmation of the order, passengers are required to pay 50% advance payment.

Once the order is confirmed, partner restaurants are contacted and order details are given and it is easy to track when the order is accepted, cooked, and ready to deliver.

Once the order is completed, the status of food delivery is sent through SMS is sent to the passengers. Payment can be done by Cash on Delivery or online payment or card payment, whatever mode they wish to pay in. We’re also specialized in Jain food delivery on the train when you need food that is excluded from onion and garlic.

Once the train reaches the chosen railway station, our food delivery executive delivers the food right at the berth. So, if you are the one with the question on what is Group order in food delivery on a train or how it is done, then it has a simple process. Get the Food on Track Web App as it is easy to use and convenient in.

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