Quirky Destinations in India to visit

5 Quirky Places to Visit in India by Train

India is a mix of different cultures, languages, and beautiful landscapes, and it is this beauty that draws millions of tourists from all over the world every year. India is 2933 km wide from west to east and 3214 km wide from north to south, with the snow-capped Himalayas in the north, rich greenery in the south, stunning expanses of sand dunes in the west, and scenic hills and plains in the east.

This vast expanse of geographic beauty offers a variety of quirky places in India. If you are a travel enthusiast who likes to explore offbeat places or someone who wants a vacation to some new place, then India has a lot to offer that needs to be seen once in a lifetime. If you have planned a journey to adore the scenic beauty of India, then define your route and book your train tickets without any second thought. Do not forget to have the Food on Track Web App to order your favorite food on the train during the journey.

India's Offbeat Locations For Your Next Trip

Indian Geography offers several offbeat locations that are still unexplored by many. These destinations can be a unique weekend getaway for you to enjoy alone or with your family and friends. Among the various beautiful places to visit in India, we have curated a list of the top 5 unseen and most scenic places that you can add to your next vacation list.

Chopta Valley, Uttarakhand


Chopta Valley, popularly known as ‘Mini Switzerland’ of Uttarakhand is a small slice of heaven tucked in the lap of the Garhwal Himalayas. Surrounded by lush grassland and magnificent snow-covered peaks, Chopta valley is a holiday destination all year round. It is well-known for its rare species of animals, plants, and birds as well as historical and religious structures like Chandrashila, Tungnath Temple, etc.

To reach Chopta Valley, the easiest and most comfortable mode of transportation would be by train that can be boarded from any part of India to Haridwar railway station. You can hire a taxi or choose a bus that can be booked to reach heaven on earth.

When you are on the train, you can book your favorite restaurant-style food online on the train to the journey to Chopta from Food on Track WebApp. Book tasty meals for your journey and avoid the tasteless pantry food as it can be a mood spoiler.

Jawai, Rajasthan


Jawai, located in Rajasthan’s Pali district, is an offbeat destination for travelers hunting for natural beauty, animals, and the essence of rural India. It is a gem that is known to very few people and is located within a few hours of the famous tourist destinations of Jodhpur and Udaipur.

From tracking leopards to sitting near the Jawai Bandh and experiencing its astonishing beauty, this place has a lot to offer to nature lovers. This is one of the unique places to visit with family. Trains are the most convenient mode of transportation and so to reach Jawai. One can book train tickets as there are several trains to Jawai from different destinations like Mumbai, Delhi, Udaipur, Jaipur, and Ahmedabad.

Chembra Peak, Western Ghats:


Chembra Peak, Kerala’s highest mountain peak, is surrounded by hills, tea plantations, and lush green valleys, making it an ideal tourist destination for environment lovers. This beautiful hiking spot, with evergreen forests, waterfalls, and lush green vegetation leads hikers to a beautiful heart-shaped lake that is believed to have never dried up.

It is also believed that goddess Sita bathed at the lake of Chembra Peak and people call this lake ‘Hridayasarassu,’ which means ‘heart-shaped pond.’

Chembra Peak trek is perfect to visit throughout the year except in the monsoon season. You can board trains from cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kochi, etc., and is one of the most beautiful destinations in India to visit, especially with friends.

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Loktak Lake, Manipur


The Loktak Lake, Northeast India’s largest freshwater lake, is one of Manipur’s most famous tourist attractions. This lake is known for its floating circular swamps that look almost like islands and is known as phumdis in the local dialect. Loktak attracts visitors from all over the world for its ethereal beauty and is especially a visual treat for birdwatchers, who can find species like a black kite, East Himalayan pied kingfisher etc.

The best season to visit Loktak Lake is supposed to be February to March, and the most pleasant option is to take the train up to Imphal; nevertheless, because the lake is located in the interiors of Manipur, it will be a long journey that will necessitate the consumption of food to stay energetic. Do not worry! Download the Food on Track WebApp today and we’ll deliver you the best food on your train seat.

Panchgani, Maharashtra


Panchgani is a well-known hill station in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It derives its name from the five gorgeous hills that surround it. This town is surrounded by the Sahyadri mountains and was formerly a lovely summer hideaway for the British officials.

Panchgani is becoming a popular tourist destination for those seeking serenity, nature, and adventure. Some of the fascinating local sites like Sydney Point, Table Land, Rajpuri Caves, and Dhom Dam add to Panchgani’s beauty and charm.

To reach Panchgani, you can book train tickets to Pune, and booking a cab to Panchgani is the most convenient and common mode to travel. All of these stunning locations will mesmerize you and leave you with a lasting memory.

So, if you are planning your next vacation, book your train tickets, order your food on the train online with the Food on track Web App, sit back and relax, and enjoy the scenic beauty along with your favorite meal delivered right at your seat hassle-free.

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