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How Can I Book a Confirmed Ticket After Chart Preparation?

Getting a confirmed ticket can be challenging in a constantly evolving world. There are times when due to unforeseen circumstances, the need to travel immediately arises. Are you also confused about how to get your seat reserved after the chart is prepared? In such a case, you need not be disappointed to get your ticket confirmed, as there are chances to get your seats booked even after chart preparations. 

Through this blog, we will delve into the ways of booking a confirmed ticket after chart preparation and increasing your chances of booking a confirmed ticket. After getting your confirmed seat, you can enjoy your journey by placing a food order on the train from several e-catering apps like Food On Track

Know What Chart Preparation is to Ensure a Ticket to Train

It is important to know what chart preparation is before booking a ticket. 'Chart Preparation' refers to the procedure of finalising the seats from the other quotas to the General or Tatkal quota. Two charts are prepared by the Indian Railways - the first chart, prepared four hours prior to the scheduled departure of the train displays the status of all confirmed and RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) tickets, and the final chart, prepared half an hour before the departure of the train. 

You can now book a ticket even after the chart is prepared without the need to visit the station or consult the TTE. If you have unreserved tickets, you can refer to the chart vacancy to get a confirmed seat.

How Does a Chart Preparation Work?

Here is a brief process of how a chart is prepared and the ways in which it functions :

A Compilation of Passengers List

Before the departure of the train, the railway authorities gather a comprehensive list of all passengers who have booked confirmed tickets for that particular journey.

An Allocation of Berths and Seats 

With the use of advanced algorithms, the Indian Railways system allocates specific berths or seats to the passengers according to multiple factors like quotas, seat availability, coach preferences etc.

A List of Passengers on the Waiting List

Passengers with waitlisted tickets or RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) lists wait eagerly for chart preparation. If any other passengers cancel their tickets and the seats remain unoccupied, these passengers might get an opportunity to get their seats or berths confirmed.

Preparation of Final Berth Charts

After the allotment of seats is completed, the railway authorities generate online as well as offline berth charts that display the seat assignments for each coach. 

Why is Checking the Final Chart Before Booking a Confirmed Ticket Necessary?

It is important to check the final chart before booking a confirmed ticket due to several reasons. Some of them are :

Seat Availability

Before booking a ticket, it is necessary to know if seats are available. The final chart provides the current seat availability status of a specific train. Before booking a ticket, it is necessary to know if there are any available seats. If the chart indicates that the train is already full, booking a ticket at that time would be of no use, and you may need to explore alternative options. You can check seat availability on other online apps like RailMitra.

Confirmation Status 

The final chart shows the latest status of your ticket. Your ticket status might change if it is initially listed as Waiting List (WL) or Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC) ticket as other travellers change or cancel their reservations. It is crucial to confirm your ticket's updated confirmation status before boarding the train because the final chart will display the updated information.

Travel Planning

Knowing the final chart lets you plan your trip more effectively. With a confirmed ticket, you are assured that you will have a reserved seat that enables you to make plans for other important things regarding your trip. However, if the ticket is still on the waiting list, you might need to look up other options or consider changing your journey's date or timing.

What are the Steps to Check Seat Availability Online After Chart Preparation?

After scheduling, you will see a list of available seats for reservation. Checking the chart vacancy on online apps like IRCTC lets you see the number of available seats after the preparation of the final chart. Checking the chart vacancy to confirm the tickets prior to the departure of the train has become easy now. Given below are some steps to check the seat availability online for the last minute travellers after the chart has been prepared :

  • Visit the official website of IRCTC.
  • Select the section of charts/Vacancies. Enter information like train name, number, boarding, journey date, travel class etc.
  • Click the "Get Train Chart" button.
  • A reservation chart will be displayed on the screen where you can choose your preferred quota and class and check available coach and berth numbers.

What are the Different Ways of Checking Seat Availability After Chart Preparation? 

After the chart has been generated, you can visit the booking counters or ask the TTE to provide information regarding checking the available seat. Visit the nearest railway booking counter to inquire about seat availability after the final chart preparation. 

Some Pointers to Keep in Mind While Booking Tickets After Chart Preparation

If you want to book tickets after the preparation of the chart, you must pay special attention to the tips given below :

Be Quick While Booking Ticket

After the final chart is prepared, very few vacant seats remain unbooked, so they get booked instantly. You must therefore be very prompt with all your travel details and payment requirements while booking your ticket as soon as the option of seat availability is displayed.

Examine Alternate Routes Of Your Journey

It is advisable to check for connecting trains or other possible routes if the tickets of the direct train you booked for your destination are full and no berths are available. It will enable you to change your plans immediately if you do not get your tickets reserved at the last moment.

Consult Authorised Agents

If you are facing any issues while booking tickets online, you must consult or make use of the authorised travel agents' services, as they might have access to additional quotas or information about last-minute cancellations.

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Proper planning and prompt actions are important to book confirmed tickets after chart preparation. But primarily, you must have a sound knowledge of the process of chart preparation, seat availability, quotas etc. Despite booking tickets after the final chart preparation being uncertain, you can secure a seat for your journey with persistence and quick action.

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