when to visit deoghar and nearest stations with food availability

When to Visit Deoghar? Nearest Railway Stations, Trains & Food Availability?

Deoghar, a significant religious city in Jharkhand, is known for its Baidyanth temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, its serene ambience and natural beauty. Baba Baidyanath Dham is among the twelve Jyotirlinga, which makes it one of the most revered Hindu pilgrimage sites. It draws many pilgrims, especially during the month of Shravan or Sawan, to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva. Devotees carry the holy water of the River Ganges from Sultanganj to offer to Lord Shiva. 

If you're planning to visit Deoghar with your friends or family during the auspicious month of Shravan, here is our comprehensive guide, which includes all the information you need, including the best time to visit the city, nearby railway stations, and how to order food on train using e-catering services of apps like Food on Track.

An Overview of the Nearest Railway Stations to Deoghar

The best way to get to Deoghar is via train because it is well connected to other cities by rail. However, before visiting the city, you must be well-equipped with the nearest railway stations to Deoghar.

Deoghar Junction Railway Station (DGHR)

deoghar junction

Deoghar Junction Railway Station falls under the Eastern Railway Zone and lies at a distance of 3 km from Baidyanath Temple. It is well connected to other major cities of India. Visitors can easily travel by trains that pass by Deoghar Junction Railway Station. Important trains running from here are :

05028 - Gorakhpur- Deoghar Shravani Mela Special

05522 - Saharsa- Deoghar Shravani Mela Special

03581 - Jasidih Banka Passenger Special

13319 - Dumka Ranchi Intercity Express

18619 - Ranchi Godda Intercity-Express

03782 - Jasidih Dumka Demu Special

Baidyanathdham Deoghar Railway Station (BDME)

baidyanathdham deoghar railway station

Baidyanathdham Deoghar Railway Station is the nearest station to the temple. It falls under the Eastern Railway Zone and is one of the important railway stations in Jharkhand. Major trains running from Baidyanathdham Deoghar Railway Station are :

03569 - Jasidih Baidyanathdham Memu Special

03651 - Jasidih Baidyanathdham Memu Special

12334 - Vibhuti Express

Jasidih Junction Railway Station (JSME)

jasidih junction

Situated 8 km from Deoghar, Jasidih Junction is one of the major railway stations near Deoghar. It acts as a railhead for many long-route trains. Once you have reached Jasidih Junction, you can easily hire any local transport to reach Deoghar. Popular trains running from Jasidih Junction are :

12360 - Patna Kolkata Garib Rath Express

22305 - SMVT Bengaluru - Jasidih Weekly SF Express

12333 - Vibhuti Express

13155 - Mithilanchal Express (PT)

13121 - Kolkata Ghazipur City Weekly Express

18419 - Puri Jaynagar Weekly Express

22460 - Baba Baidyanath Dham Deoghar Humsafar Express

Other Convenient Ways to Reach Deoghar

Despite being an offbeat destination, Deoghar attracts countless pilgrims and tourists throughout the year due to its religious significance. It is necessary to know the different modes of transport to reach Deghar to make the most of your journey. You can reach Deoghar either through railways, roadways or by air.

By Road

Travellers have multiple options to reach Deoghar. You can either use their private vehicles, hire a cab or taxi, or use the government's bus services. During the auspicious month of Shravan, additional bus services are available to accommodate the increased number of travellers visiting Deoghar for pilgrimage and other purposes.

By Air

Those considering travelling to Deoghar by air can conveniently arrive at Deoghar Airport, also known as Baba Baidyanath Airport, located approximately 12 km from the city centre. Upon reaching the airport, you can easily hire a cab to make your way to the sacred Baidyanath Temple and embark on your spiritual journey.

Why do People Visit Deoghar in the month of Shravan?

Devotees from other regions travel to Deoghar to offer holy water to Lord Shiva at Baidyanath Temple in Shravan due to the religious significance of the month. This event is known as Kanwar Yatra, in which devotees carry holy water from River Ganges to offer to Lord Shiva and cover long distances to reach Baidyanath Temple. It creates a vibrant and festive mood. The temple, one of the twelve sacred Jyotirlingas, is of historical and religious importance, and a festive atmosphere like the Sawan Mela held in the month of Shravan attracts pilgrims from many places, making Deoghar one of the prominent religious destinations during the Shravan month.

Get Pure Vegetarian Food While Travelling to Deoghar During the Auspicious Month Of Shravan

pure veg food in deoghar trains

During the auspicious month of Shravan, many people observe a vegetarian diet and avoid non-vegetarian food. For such devout travellers, the availability of pure vegetarian food on trains becomes a primary concern, as they often hesitate to opt for pantry meals. The Food on Track app, powered by RailRestro, offers a diverse range of delicious and hygienic vegetarian and sattvic food options to address this need and cater to passengers' spiritual and dietary preferences.

Embrace the Benefits of Ordering Vegetarian Food from the Food on Track App

A Plethora of Veg Food Options

The Food on Track app offers an extensive selection of vegetarian menus, including Pure Veg Thalis and a variety of dishes like dal, mushroom, paneer items, sandwiches, and vegetable curries, ensuring every passenger finds something to their liking while travelling to Deoghar by train.

Hygienic and Organic Food

We partner with trusted restaurants and vendors and guarantee that the food delivered to passengers follows the highest standards of hygiene and quality, strictly following FSSAI guidelines. Travellers can rely on our food service for nutritious and safe meals.

Cater to Specific Diets

Food on Track provides menus tailored to meet specific dietary requirements, including Jain food, vegan options, and Sattvik food which comprises vegetables like beans, sprouts, fruits, kheer, khichdi, lassi etc., for those observing the Shravan fast. Regardless of their dietary preferences, we ensure all passengers enjoy delicious and suitable meals during their train journey.

Prompt Delivery Services

One of the primary advantages of ordering food on our app is our commitment to prompt delivery services. You don't need to worry about delays as your food is prepared fresh and delivered right to your train seat at the specified station.

How to Order Food in Train from the Food on Track App?

To order vegetarian or sattvic food from the Food on Track app, follow the given steps :

  • Install the Food on Track app or visit its official website.
  • Enter your PNR number or provide your train details to place your food order.
  • Click on "Order Now" and explore the menus of available restaurants.
  • Choose your desired food items and add them to the cart.
  • Proceed to the cart, tap "Continue," and apply any available offers to receive discounts. Choose your preferred payment option, from card to cash on delivery.
  • Fill in all the required details, including your name, contact number, email id, berth number, and coach number.
  • Click "Place Order," and your food order will be successfully placed.

Ordering vegetarian food through the Food on Track app enhances the travel experience for train passengers seeking delicious, nutritious, and customised meals during their journey. With acute information about railway stations and trains travelling to Deoghar, a wide array of menu choices, an emphasis on quality and hygiene, and the ease of placing orders from your mobile device, you can have a safe and enjoyable journey to Deogar. By providing delicious food of standard quality at a reasonable price, Food on Track ensures a delightful culinary experience while travelling to Deoghar in the sacred month of Shravan. 

Download the Food on Track app on your phone to relish the flavours of pure vegetarian food during your spiritual pilgrimage to Deoghar.

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