Order Food in Non-pantry trains

How Food on Track Mobile App is a Boon for Non-Pantry Trains?

Travelers who travel in a train with an attached pantry car ensure a regular supply of food for passengers. However, the situation becomes worst when you are traveling in a non-pantry train and rely only on railway stations; food vendors with no option.

But you don’t have to worry as the food on track Web App installed on your smartphone can bring restaurant-style food delivered right to your train seat. Here’s how ordering food via the Food on Track Web App is a boon for every passenger on a non-pantry train:

It Sets You Free from Food Worries During train travel:

While traveling everyone needs tasty food that accompanies throughout the journey. When you download the Food on track Web App, you will get a variety of cuisines to choose from the menu. Our restaurant partners will prepare and deliver the food of your choice to your seat.

Easy Ordering and Delivering System:

When it comes to ordering food for the train journey, the Food on Track Web App has the most convenient food ordering system. The food that you enjoy on your train seat is a result of a convenient ordering system and efficient delivery process. We are always ready to deliver you the best food that you need to enjoy by train. Even if you are traveling in a group, you can place group food order in train with the app or call us directly at 8102202203.

Variety Is What We Focus On:

The variety of food offered by the food on track Web App is its USP that makes it the most-preferred food ordering app on the train. We have a variety to order like vegetarian/non-vegetarian cuisines, Punjabi, Chinese, south Indian, north Indians, desserts, and Jain Food. You can order whatever you want and whenever you want. We have also made Jain food in train available on 20000+ trains. 

If the train you’re traveling in is a non-pantry train, you do not have to worry for the food at any station. Download Food on track Web App and order fresh, hygienic, meals in train.

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Author - Food On Track

Food on Track is a dedicated app for food delivery in service in train. Passengers traveling by train and craving tasty and hygienic food on the train can download the food on track app and order the best restaurant-style food for their train journey.