5 things you require to order food in train

5 Prerequisites to Order Food on the Train from Food on Track Web App

Have you planned a train journey and didn’t order food on the train? It seems to be unfair as a train journey without food is an incomplete affair. Since our childhood days, one of the memorable things about train journeys is stopping every vendor crossing by and eating till we reach the destination. Our parents would buy, then subsequently scold us for eating such unhealthy and unhygienic meals on trains.

Can We Order Food on The Train During Journey?

Ordering anything you want from any part of the world is just a click away these days. The same is the case with ordering food online while traveling by train. The food on track Web App has proved to be a savior during such a critical situation. You just have to download the app from Google Play Store or website and order food of your choice from the restaurants that are FSSAI approved and your order will be delivered right at your berth when the train reaches the station.

What Type of Food can we order while Traveling by Train?

Ordering food on the train and that too of your choice and the number of people you are traveling with has all become easy. Whether you are a hardcore non-vegetarian or a vegetarian, vegan, or lover of some special cuisine, the Food on Track Web App has it all sorted for you. You just have to go to the app or website and order whatever you want. But to order food while traveling below are five prerequisites that one needs to keep in mind:

Valid PNR number with Confirm tickets:

When you book a ticket, a unique ten-digit number also called as PNR number is generated, and through this number, you will get to know if the booking is confirmed or not. To place an order one needs a valid PNR with confirmed tickets and then only you will be able to order your favorite food from various cuisines offered by our FSSAI-approved partner restaurants.

Android or iOS Device:

Android or iOS devices are a vital part of everyone’s life. Like any android or iOS device is required to shop online, similarly one needs such a device to place a food order for themselves and for the entire group they are traveling with. Without an Android or iOS device, you cannot download the food on track Web App.

Once downloaded, you can enter your PNR number or Train number/Name or use WhatsApp, select your favorite food from the list of restaurants and cuisines, place an order, select the payment mode, and you are done. A confirmation SMS and an email will be sent to you and you just have to do one thing. Sit back, relax and wait for your order to be delivered to you directly at your seat.

Internet Connection:

Without an internet connection, your smartphone/tab/PC is of no use these days. You want to order something, binge watches a new tv series, do your assignment, attend a meeting, etc. everything needs an internet connection. Similarly, to order fresh food on the train online, a working internet connection is a must then only you will be able to order healthy, freshly made, mouth-watering food to have during the journey. 

Food on Track Web App on your phone:

Now that you have a valid PNR number, Android or iOS device, and a working internet connection, the next important thing you need is Food on Track Web App. In case the website is not working, then the app will help you place your order. The app is easy to surf and orders can easily be tracked from the restaurant taking up your order to preparing it to finally the delivery agent on their way to deliver it when the train reaches the station. Everything in the world is right at your fingertips. So is ordering food from the moving trains.

Helpline number:

A friend in need is a friend indeed. The loyalty of your friend can be proved when they managed to take you out of your difficult situation and not when they were able to stop you from getting into that situation.

Food on track is that friend for you. In case you face any kind of difficulty related to food ordering on the train, we have got your back. There is a helpline number 8102202203 which is available 365 days and 24/7 at your service.

What if my train gets delayed by a few hours?

No worries. Once you place an order, restaurants have the facility where live tracking of your train is possible. So even if your train is delayed for a few hours, food will be delivered to you when the train reaches the station. 

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