Regional Cuisines of Bihar

5 Regional Cuisines of Bihar You Can order in Train

Passengers travelling in trains can now easily order their food online. They need not rely on the train pantry or homemade food to meet their meal requirements. Also, many people like to eat their native cuisines when travelling by Train. Pantry cars of trains lack the facility to provide many regional items to the travellers. That’s where the food in train app comes into play. Order regional Bihari cuisine from the ecatering app or the web and have them brought to your train seats.

Why Should You Order Food on the Train Online?

Here are some essential benefits of using a food e-catering service on train journeys:

  • Wide choice of cuisine – Ordering food online provides a traveller variety of cuisine according to their choices and needs. You can order cuisine from top restaurants and have a separate option for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.
  • Assured delivery – The food on track app assures customers of delivering food on time and at the correct place.
  • Hygiene Safety – Often, many complaints are registered of bad hygiene on the pantry cars of trains. Online food on-train services deliver FSSAI-approved food from top restaurants. So, they are regarded as safe and healthy alternatives.
  • Zero charges – Passengers do not have to pay extra charges upon ordering food online. Only the original cost of food set by the restaurant is demanded.
  • Sanitised kitchen – After the pandemic, people consider safety their primary requirement. Online food delivery kitchens offer fully sanitised kitchen food that is delicious and safe.
  • Quick and hassle-free delivery – Online food apps provide food at the traveller’s seat for a certain period. One need not go for the food; it will be easily available at your seat.
  • Delivery access at almost every station – We have partnered with various restaurants and provide food delivery facilities at more than 10000+ stations. We offer both day and night service. So you can have your food at any time.
  • Easy payment option – We provide you with various options for payment of food. There is no extra unwanted cost being charged by the travellers.

Five Popular Regional Cuisine from Bihar to Eat on a Train Journey

Bihar is a culturally rich state. It has kept its diverse heritage at the core of everything from native dialects to food and festivities. Bihar cuisine is over 2000 years old. Locals usually prefer regional dishes wherever they are in the world. The famous five cuisines of Bihar for food orders on train journeys are:

Litti chokha is considered the staple food of Bihar and a choice for many travellers. The small balls shaped Litti made up of gram flour and mashed potato with garlic and onion gives an immense home feeling. This dish makes the journey memorable.

If passengers travelling on the Train want to eat a sweet dish, they can order malpua. Malpua is a dish that is generally prepared during Holi. These are made of flour, milk and sugar syrup and are a popular dessert in Bihar.

Travellers looking for a wholesome meal can have it as a main course dish on the Train. This is the dish made in every home in Bihar. The famous Jalebi accompanies it as a sweet dish. Food in the train apps provides freshly made Puri, Sabzi and Jalebi at your seat berth.

It is a dish prepared with rice flour cooked in steam. It is regarded as Bihar’s version of a dumpling. It is considered one of the healthy foods with a lot of nutrients. Dal pitha is filled up with boiled dal, which not only fulfils the need of hunger but also gives us energy.

Dal chawal and chokha are the staple diet of people from Bihar. This is easily available at any restaurant and can be easily available on the Train, which gives a feeling of homemade food while travelling.

How Can You Order Food from The Food on Track App Online?

  1. Provide your PNR details: It is required for ordering food. As you enter your PNR number on the app, you will be able to choose the respective restaurant you want the food from. Choose one of the restaurants from the list available in your app.
  2. Select the dish: Choose one of your favourite dishes from the menu and place the order.
  3. Pay the bill: You do not need to make an advance payment for your food order. We provide you with different options regarding payment like debit card/ credit card/ net banking/ UPI, as well as cash on delivery.

Now access delicious food at your birth without going anywhere with the food on track Web app. It caters to food that is hygienic, hot and fresh. 

Other Popular Cuisine Available on Food on Track Web App

  1. South Indian Dishes: South Indian food is considered to be light weighed and is available at every place. People living in south India are fond of eating idli, rice, sambar, vara etc. So you can order South Indian dishes easily from your preferred restaurant.
  2. North Indian Dishes: They provide a huge menu of North Indian Dishes comprising both veg and non-veg, depending upon the traveller’s choice. It includes dishes for breakfast till meal. The availability of staple food in trains gives us the feeling of home and makes the journey remarkable. 
  3. Jain food in Train: Some people follow a certain religion and eat strictly according to their religion. They found a little difficulty in getting the food of their choice. The train app provides food for specific religious communities, as Jain food doesn’t contain onion and garlic. So we provide them with food free from onion and garlic.
  4. Thalis: If someone wants to taste everything on their train journey, they provide you with the option of ordering thalis. The Thal option covers many interesting food items to satisfy your appetite. These are the best combo available and are full of nutrients and famous food in that area. Thalis are available with veg and non-veg; passengers can have whichever they want according to their will.
  5. Deserts: Any meal without dessert is considered to be incomplete. Deserts of every zone are famous and important for their people. They provide you with all the different types of sweet dishes which you can easily order on the Train.

Train journeys are full of enjoyment, excitement and experience. One should not worry about what food order on train journey service they should seek. You also don’t need to carry any extra luggage as food.

Quickly order food online with the Food on Track Web App to relish a happy and healthy journey. Download this marvellous food in train app now.

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