Mughlai Paratha

Top 15 Mughlai Food You Can Order Online on Trains in India

Mughlai cuisine has earned a permanent place among the staple meals in India. You may ascertain the level of popularity enjoyed by Mughlai dishes from the fact that it is readily available throughout the country. It’s easy to access Mughlai food at all renowned eateries and even street food stalls throughout the country. This style of Indian cooking is recognized worldwide owing to its trademark butter-based curries and incredibly flavorful sauces.

What better way to experience a wholesome journey than relishing your most-loved food on the train while immersing in nature’s marvel unveiling outside your train window? Now savour a diverse range of delectable cuisines, including Mughlai, Chinese and Jain food on track. Specialised train e-catering apps offer exceptional services to passengers, easing the dependence on food aggregators like the Swiggy or Zomato food delivery in train.

Mughlai Cuisine's Popularity in India

Around the 15th century AD, Mughal chefs incorporated Mughlai cuisine into the diverse selection of Indian dishes. The Mughal rulers are credited with introducing it to the Indian people, and it has since become a cornerstone of traditional Indian cooking. Mughlai cuisine is unique because it is incredibly flavorful and healthy, thanks to diverse spices, nuts, and dried fruits.

15 Highly Demanded Mughlai Dishes on Train

Here’s a compilation of 15 delectable Mughlai cuisine you can pick from during your future train trips:

1. Mughlai Paratha

Among the many Mughlai dishes that have been adapted into a famous street snack across the nation is the Mughlai Paratha. This incredibly famous fast food speciality is actually a stuffed Indian flatbread prepared with refined flour. Meat, onions, tomatoes, and herbs like coriander are common fillings. It can be ordered on trains online via e-catering services at nearly all major stations throughout India.

2. Biryani

It's the most well-liked Mughlai meal in India. This rice and meat dish has been around since the 16th century and has seen numerous regional adaptations. The top variants of this hallmark Mughlai food are the Lucknowi Dum Biryani and the Hyderabadi Biryani. It is made up of the finest quality basmati rice, potatoes, bits of meat, and hard-boiled eggs, using the slow cooking method in an airtight pot (or handi), and it is served piping hot.

3. Murg Mussalam

You may find this meal at most eateries that serve chicken. However, it has a truly royal flavour that is unlike anything else. This is because the dish is prepared with authentic Mughlai spices and flavours, which give it a deep and spicy flavour.

4. Murg Kali Mirch

Murgh Kali Mirch, or Indian black pepper chicken curry, is another name for chicken Kali Mirch. Marinated chicken is simmered in a tangy yoghurt sauce spiked with black pepper for a flavorful and spicy curry. The meal is cooked to perfection to guarantee that the pepper only contributes flavour, not heat.

5. Nargisi Kofta

Although the history of the Nargisi Kofta is murky, it is now commonly prepared by Mughlai chefs in India. The hard-boiled eggs in this dish are encased in a compact layer of minced beef before being tossed in a thick and creamy real Mughlai gravy and offered in a bowl. Nargisi Kofta is a popular Mughlai dish served on special occasions.

6. Reshmi Kebab

In restaurants, one of our go-to appetisers is always the juicy kebabs, a Mughlai speciality. The tandoor-cooked kebabs are soaked in the marinade before being smeared in cream and Mughlai spices.

7. Murg Pasanda

The Murg Pasanda is yet another popular dish served in restaurants. Its one-of-a-kind flavour comes from being roasted in a bundle of secret spices. This dish is customised to create diverse flavours and is all savoured by foodies across the globe.

8. Mutton Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh translates to "high heat" in Persian and refers to cooking with clarified butter (ghee). Introduced to India by the Mughals, it quickly became a favourite among Indian cooks (particularly in North India). Typically, this meat dish consists of tender pieces of sheep swimming in a thick and mesmerisingly flavorful red curry sauce.

Feel like relishing Mutton Rogan Josh during train journeys? You can look for something other than a Swiggy or Zomato food delivery in-train service to order this tempting dish on trains. Specialised food on track apps are your best bet regarding train food delivery.

9. Chicken Korma

It's interesting to note that the Qorma was first used in Persian cuisine before being adopted by Rajput chefs in Akbar's kitchen. This led to the renaming of the area as Korma, after the Kurma clan of Rajputs. Due to its rich combination of whole spices, yoghurt, and almonds, this dish is much sought after among fans of authentic Mughlai cuisine. Pieces of juicy chicken are covered in a thick and savoury sauce.

10. Navratan Korma

All you vegans out there, don't worry. This regular vegetarian curry we often eat when dining out is a Mughlai speciality. The meal is a curry made with diced vegetables from various sources. Cashew nut paste is commonly used as a flavour enhancer. The name of this meal comes from the fact that it features nine different types of vegetables.

11. Shahi Tukra

The list comes with a traditional Mughlai dessert: Shahi Tukda, which comprises flawlessly fried bread slices doused in sweetened condensed milk (Rabri), rose water, and clotted cream (Malai). It is garnished with various nuts and dried fruits, rendering it a solid stature among the most enticing dishes in the notable Mughlai cuisine. Several passengers order this one-of-a-kind sweet treat through food delivery apps during train trips.

12. Anjeer Halwa

If you're craving a halwa on the train, try the Anjeer Badam-based Anjeer Halwa. The Anjeer is what sets this dish apart from others. You should save room for the Halwa because it is so delicious, and save it only after a fancy, well-spoken dinner.

13. Sheer Khurma

An Eid staple, this sweet dish is a Vermicelli concoction. It's the ultimate dessert for celebrations. The Vermicelli in this recipe is sautéed in butter before milk is added. Eventually, the milk thickens from the slow cooking. Khurma, also known as dates, are mixed with additional dried fruits as the mixture thickens. In addition to being exceedingly delicious, this dessert is also surprisingly simple to prepare.

14. Shahi Kaju Aloo

The Baby Potatoes roasted in Mughlai spice stand out in this recipe. This recipe would only be complete with adding cashew nuts, also known as Kaju. To the gravy, we add cashew paste and roasted cashew pieces. This recipe calls for many nuts, as do other Mughlai meals.

15. Mughlai Noorjehani

Mughlai Noorjehani is prepared by marinating the chicken with a curd and ground Mughlai spices. The milk, almond paste, and saffron are added to the already-cooked chicken after it has been marinated. Since it is a Mughlai cuisine, the components are standard fare.

The rich, hearty, and flavorful dishes of Mughlai cuisine are borne out of a brilliant fusion of fragrant and flavorful spices. Enjoy some royal moments on your forthcoming train rides by ordering the above mouth-watering Mughal delicacies.

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