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12 Healthy Dishes that You Can Easily Order in Train

A train journey is always fun to take! It presents an awesome experience for passengers, traversing through diverse breathtaking locations. One of the finest travelling companions, without which your journey remains incomplete, is tasty food. With the Ecatering service like Food on Track Web App, you can receive clean and fresh restaurant-style meals on your berth at your chosen railway station.

Whether vacationing with family or in a group, now you can place online food on train orders with online food catering services. Food on Track app is one such provider committed to offering a wide range of healthy cuisines to train passengers who practice good eating habits. With this incredible application, you can avail of special discounts on group food orders.

Things to Consider While Placing a Meal on Train Order

Try using the order food online in train service for healthy and light meals. However, when picking your meals on a train, bear a few things in mind, as follows:

  • Many people experience stomach discomfort after eating spicy food. If you are one of them, it is better to take a lighter meal and avoid highly rich or spicy dishes.
  • To avoid frequent food cravings, make sure that your meals are wholesome. 
  • You should consume a balanced diet since you cannot afford to get sick when travelling because it would be challenging to recover.

12 Healthy Online Food in Train Alternatives

Here’s a compilation of 15 healthy dishes you can order during your train journey: 

Plain Dosa

It is also called the staple of South India and is considered a healthy meal on train alternatives. For an all-around delightful journey, you can enjoy it with a variety of zesty chutneys and a steaming bowl of hot sambar. It is one of the best options while travelling by train and enjoying the flavours of the south.

Mixed Khichdi

It is a healthy option if you are searching for a meal abundant in protein, fibre, and other necessary nutrients. Besides rice, lentils, fresh vegetables like cabbage, tomatoes, green peas, broccoli and carrots, boiled mashed eggs are occasionally added to increase their nutritional value. Mixed Khichdi tastes fantastic with yoghurt, fresh coriander chutney, and mashed potatoes.

Chicken Roll

Fast-food chicken is deficient in nutrients and high in calories. But chicken that has been slowly roasted, simmered, or baked is a fantastic source of protein and vital minerals. If you’re looking for a good and nutritious lunch/dinner to eat on the train, a chicken roll is a great choice. Download the food on track web app and order a chicken roll for your train journey.


Poha is the synonym for beaten rice. This nutritious Indian dish is prepared in several states using distinct cooking techniques and flavours. Usually, it is prepared with yellow lentils and split black lentils, finely chopped onions, potatoes and curry leaves and mustard seeds. These ingredients render an awesome taste to the Poha dish. People mostly have it for breakfast or as a late-night snack.


Smooth texture, blasts of flavours, and savoury taste; it is what Upma is all about. To add an extra punch of flavour, ingredients like mustard seeds and curry leaves are added to the cooked Rava (semolina) with fresh veggies. The sweet form is called halwa and is one of the most-enjoyed evening desserts. Dry fruits add extra crunch to the halwa/Upma.

Roti, Curry, and Rice (Combo Meal)

Want to eat something healthy for lunch/dinner on the train? If yes, then combo meals are the best choice. On the platter, you’ll receive roti, dal, and rice and veg curry. It is a healthy choice for train journeys that eases your travel by fulfilling and satisfying your belly. 

Aloo Gobi with Roti

This vegetarian food is cooked with potatoes, cauliflower and onions. Cumin, turmeric, and chillies are the prominent spices used for tempering the Aloo Gobi curry. The cruciferous cauliflower is famous for its capacity to prevent cancer. The dry gobhi ki sabzi is best served with roti or paratha. You can order this combo meal through an e-catering app at any station en route.

Vegetable Thali

A long train trip will be best without meat consumption because meat dishes are hard to digest. Choose a straightforward vegetarian thali if you want to keep it light. These thalis are a terrific choice for a meal on the train, whether for lunch or dinner. In the traditional veg thali, you will receive chapati/naan, rice, dal, two vegetables, pickles, salad, and papad. At Food on Track, we follow the contactless food delivery system in trains for safety. So, you can order food without any hesitation. 

Vegetable Khichdi

It is regarded as light and soothing Indian meal. Well-cooked with dal, rice, and vegetables, veg Khichdi is a wholesome recipe. It is highly recommended for relieving upset stomachs. Vegetable Khichdi is the best vegan food order on train journey options.

Veg/Club Sandwich

Children travelling with their parents adore this fantastic and healthy lunch during the train journey. The veggie sandwich is a good choice for a healthy diet when travelling. It includes kid-friendly veggies, including cucumber, tomato, carrots, and cabbage, stacked with cheese and mayonnaise. The advanced version is the club sandwich option loaded with vegetables, cottage cheese, and numerous dips and sauces. 

Vegetable/Chicken Salad

The nutritional advantages of a diet-friendly vegetable salad loaded with fibre, minerals, and protein are unbeatable. You have many options to customise your salad, from tandoori tofu and chicken pieces to tangy chickpeas, etc. When choosing the non-vegetarian option, chicken salad serves as a healthy meal. Now, ordering these salads on the train is easy. Use the e-catering app and order it at your desired station.

The Gujarati Dhokla

It is a delectable cuisine and incredibly simple to prepare. Gujarati Dhokla is equipped with the goodness of Rava (semolina) and the tangy taste of the tempering used for drenching dhoklas. Its taste gets enhanced by the inclusion of ginger and green chillies. This dish goes well with the amazing green chutney. Your loved ones will undoubtedly enjoy this Gujrati preparation on a pleasant excursion.

These were a few healthy foods you can order if Food on Track is your chosen trip companion. The most incredible thing about Food on Track is that it delivers hot and fresh cuisines at your berth, eliminating the possibility of contracting food illness. So, with Food on Track, travel safely and healthily!

Therefore, don’t feel stressed about obtaining healthy and nourishing meals on trains anymore. Food on track is partnered with 2000+ restaurants all over India and delivers fresh food online in train orders. It is the best app to order food on the train online. To place an order, call @8102 202 203 and enjoy the variations of healthy food during your journey.

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