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Food Delivery in Trains on this Diwali- Get Festive Discounts on Your Order

The holiday season is already in full swing, and you’ve been observing festivals one after another. Diwali is around the corner. Among the several Hindu festivals, the Festival of Lights has a significant place in the hearts of many Indians across the globe. Now, we are all set for the most awaited extravaganza of the year.

Are you travelling by train for a vacation, a visit to your hometown or any other important reason this Diwali? You may wonder if it’s possible to order some interesting food on the train while on your voyage. The Food on Track Web App is a smart e-catering platform to meet all your meal on wheels needs.

Read more about Diwali feasts that you can order on the train with great festive discounts.

The Meaning of The Diwali Festival

According to the Hindu calendar, Diwali occurs every year during the month of Kartika. During Diwali, many Hindu devotees pray to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh. Goddess Lakshmi represents wealth and good fortune. The puja is carried out in the presence of the whole family. Business class people, particularly, arrange Diwali Puja at their company premises to receive blessings from the “Goddess of Wealth” and prosperity. Kali Puja, a festival honouring the goddess Kali, is also held around this time in Bengal. 

In Hindu mythology, Diwali is observed to rejoice in the arrival of Rama, Sita, and Laxman to the city of Ayodhya from their 14 years of exile. To sum up, the triumph of good over evil is symbolised by lighting candles and lamps during the Diwali festival.

How the Festival of Lights is Celebrated?

When getting ready for Diwali, the first step is to clean the house thoroughly and replace all old curtains and bedsheets with brand-new ones. After that, a variety of ornaments, including rangoli, flowers, candles, and lights, are placed throughout the home. Every home is lit up ceremoniously, brilliantly, and beautifully. Without delicious cuisine, no celebration is complete. To mark the occasion, people all over India prepare delectable treats.

Celebrate Diwali with Food in Train Delivery

Are you wondering what foods you can enjoy on the train during Diwali? Here is a simplified compilation of some delicious Diwali dishes you can order from Food on Track to spice up your holiday feast:


Pizza is well-liked by people across all age groups. You may find many different pizza recipes. Pizzas with toppings ranging from Margherita to Barbeque Chicken. All your meal requirements will be fulfilled by e-catering apps. You can instantly place an order for your favourite pizza to be delivered to you while you ride the rails.


Biryani is a popular dish among food enthusiasts in India and beyond. Biryani is popular among people across India and is a favourite dish for food lovers everywhere. Many variations of the biryani spice blend exist, each reflecting regional preferences.

Chole Bhature

The Indian street food Chole Bhature needs no introduction. Fluffier Bhature and a variety of spices make up the main diet in Punjab. Pickles and onion salad round out the flavour of the main meal.

Gulab Jamun

The Gulab jamun is a must-order dessert because of how easily it melts in the mouth when served hot. You should have this to round out your supper and sweeten the ride home. Apart from gulab jamun, you can also order delicious Indian desserts for Train journey

Kaju Barfi

Kaju Barfi is a dessert staple that needs no introduction. This traditional sweet has both a decadent flavour and an opulent presentation. Even better than the ease with which you can order Kaju Barfi from an authorised IRCTC e-caterer with just a few clicks.No extra cost for delivery will be charged by applying suitable promo codes, which is the best part.

Enjoy Special Diwali Discount Offers from Food on Track Web App

Holiday seasons entail massive crowds of passengers traversing the Indian Railway trains. Discount coupons, cashback and free services make the travellers joyful and encourage them to avail of services like meals on trains. Coupons from Food on Track e-catering service are a fantastic way to buy food for train journeys during occasions like festivals. For ordering food online, you get multiple promo coupons that you can apply to the total bill and enjoy big savings. 

Celebrate this Diwali while riding the train with savoury meals and extra savings on your food orders. Here’re festive special promo codes for ordering food via the Food on Track Web App: 

  • To add sparkle to your journey, get an instant discount of Rs. 50 on your food order by using coupon code DIWALI at checkout.
  • To take care of your cravings and budget, book your food order on the train using the coupon code PREBOOK and obtain a 15% discount.
  • Book bulk food orders worth over Rs.1500 through the promo code MYGROUP and easily avail up to 15% off.
  • To save a little more on your food order, choose the FREE promo code, and you will receive free delivery of your order. Food on Track Web App is here to assist you with availing finest cuisine while travelling by train. On this food delivery app, get food to your liking from a wide variety of restaurants that allow several payment methods. Download the Food on Track Web App and order the best Diwali special food on the train with just a few clicks. Have a wonderful journey during Diwali this year with Food on Track!

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