Makes Train Trips More Enjoyable

E-Catering App Makes Train Trips More Enjoyable

If you’re thinking about taking a train trip, you might be interested in learning how to order food on the train online. To survive a lengthy train ride, you must have access to food. There is only a small selection of food at the train stations. You can avoid the monotony of eating the same things repeatedly on long journeys or obsessing about the Swiggy, Zomato or Haldiram train delivery for food. You also don't have to continue taking your bulky meal container on the train anymore. The best alternative is to use a food delivery app for the train.

A food delivery app is an efficient and trusted online resource for tourists visiting different parts of India. Food on Track is a renowned e-catering platform that ensures travellers’ best food on-train offerings.

Tired of Train Food? Pre-book Your Meals Online!

Meals can be ordered and delivered to trains through online catering partners on the Indian Railways. Compared to the overpriced and low-quality options provided by pantry cars and independent food vendors, the fare from e-caterers is a huge draw for passengers. Restaurants with online catering services ensure what’s best for their customers. Due to this reason, they always conform to the standardised procedures when readying food. In addition, train caterers make sure that sanitary dining protocols based on the latest industry trends are followed. Therefore,if you choose the online pre-book meal service, your train rides will go off without a hitch.

What Benefits Do Online Train Catering Services Provide?

When it comes to online food ordering on the train, your options are more limited than when you’re at home. Domino’s Pizza, Swiggy, and Haldiram train delivery services are not railway meal-delivery specialists. However, you get a lot of advantages if you book your food online for lengthy train rides using e-catering apps.

Food on Track is a specialised online train catering app that offers speedy meal delivery right to your seat. This meals on wheels service has a widespread reach all across India. Moreover, you get to choose from many different restaurants when placing your food order and get various options for payment too. To manage your hunger on the train, you can conveniently order a comprehensive range of delicious food from the Food on Track app.

What Kinds of Food Are Offered by Food on Track?

Food Tracker Web App users have access to a wide selection, including but not limited to:

  • North Indian Cuisines:

    You are offered a huge selection of north Indian recipes for ordering on trains, including butter chicken, chicken Patiala, and mutton Rogan josh.

  • Dishes from South India:

    Idli, Dosa, and Rice Sambhar are all favourites because they are light and filling. Enjoy the flavours of southern India with your fellow passengers by ordering from a selection of South Indian dishes available for delivery to your seat on the train.

  • Veg/Non-veg Thali:

    It's considered the perfect travel meal. You can try a wide range of flavours from a single platter. If you're hungry on the train, the thali is your best bet for non-vegetarians and vegetarians.

  • Indian desserts and sweets:

    They are a delicious way to end the meal. Dessert is the missing piece of a full meal. Enjoy a refreshing snack or meal from one of our eatery partners while you ride the rails.

  • Jain Food On Track:

    This web app offers comprehensive Jain food for the religious community, free from onion and garlic, and is, therefore, often difficult to find on trains. In addition, you can modify the regular menu to order Jain food on a train trip.

How Do Online Meal Booking Platforms for Trains Works

It’s quick, simple, and convenient to order food online and have the delivery made to your train compartment. You can access an e-catering application on the mobile or webpage to place a food order on train booking. When travelling by train, you can use the RailRestro App, which is one of the most well-liked e-catering partner portals, to place your food orders. Foodies can pick from an extensive range of dishes at local restaurants on the app. Whether you’re vegetarian or not, you can get your choice of meal delivered right to your seat. The overall mechanism is as follows:

  1. Visit the online catering company’s webpage, enter your PNR number, and submit your food delivery request.
  2. Before placing an order, select your preferred shipping destination.
  3. Various restaurant menus will load now. You can make a more tailored list of foods you desire.
  4. In addition, you may check individual item prices before booking an order.
  5. When you’re ready to complete your purchase, click the “Place Order” button.
  6. Input your details as requested (name, email, and mobile number). You can also learn about your coach and seat number from the display on the screen.
  7. You can glance at the full order details after your online booking gets through.
  8. You can prefer the Cash on Delivery payment option if you’d rather not pay until the food is brought to your table. There are also several options for making an online payment.
  9. The Food on Track delivery person will bring your meal to the location of your choice.

Fast and simple online food ordering can improve the quality of your train journey. Don’t depend on a Zomato, Swiggy, or Haldiram train delivery for in-train food. Choose the most specialised food delivery service to satisfy your cravings on the train.

As the best online caterer for trains, the Food on Track app guarantees that your order arrives at your berth hot and fresh from the kitchen. Always pre-book your meals through this cutting-edge train food delivery app instead of depending on purchasing food from the train pantry, vendors on the train, or railway station stalls.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that are asked quite often by many people:

Ans. When your order is processed, you will get a confirmation email and text message at the phone number and email address you provided. The delivery person will need this to access your order, so keep it safe until they arrive. The e-caterer will provide a special order number on your phone via text message. The online catering service website is where you can check the status of your order. Mention your order number and contact number to discover where your parcel is in the shipping process.

Ans. A delivery person, dressed in company attire will bring your meal to your table. You’ll obtain the shipment once he verifies your berth and order ID. The e-caterer ensures that your package reaches you in properly sealed containers. They package each item securely in its box so you can enjoy your favourite treats without fearing spilling.

Author - Food On Track

Food on Track is a dedicated app for food delivery in service in train. Passengers traveling by train and craving tasty and hygienic food on the train can download the food on track app and order the best restaurant-style food for their train journey