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10 Most Popular Food You Can Order on the Train

With changing times and the world turning digital, food ordering has become an easy task. It helps people enjoy their favorite meal from the comfort of their homes. Even during train travel, food has always played an important role. Besides satisfying hunger, it also turns strangers into friends.

However, train pantries have limited food options. They taste pathetic and are overcharged. Seeing the growing popularity of restaurant-style food on trains, the Food on Track Web App has launched an online catering service. Passengers can now order their favorite meal on the train online that will get delivered directly to their seats.

List of popular food that can be ordered on the train

India is a diverse country, as reflected not just by its traditions but also by its cuisine. Different regions have distinct cuisine cultures that are famous worldwide. People, like to explore the food of different places as much as they like to experience different cultures. However, traveling to distant places just to try the food is not always possible. So, the Food on Track Web App has started the online food delivery system on the train. It delivers delectable foods during the train travels that can be enjoyed from the comfort of the seats.

Following is a list of a few food items that are highly in demand on the train:

1. Pizza:

Typically, pizza is a round, flat base of fermented wheat dough covered in tomatoes, mozzarella, sausages, onions, mushrooms, etc. It is one of the most popular fast-food items among people of all ages. In addition to being ordered at home or at restaurants, it has become increasingly popular among train travelers as well. And through the Food on Track Web App, ordering pizza on the train has become an easy task.

2. Rajma Chawal:

Rajma Chawal, popular street food in North India, is a vegetarian curry-based dish. Kidney beans, or Rajma as they are known in Hindi, are cooked in a thick gravy with various Indian spices and served over rice.

It is now a global food, with different preparation styles, depending on area and household. Rajma, which is high in protein, carbs, and fiber, helps in weight management by improving digestion and providing energy. And tastes amazing when served with rice.

3. Biryani:

Biryani, which originated in Persia and was introduced to India by the Mughal kings, has a diverse fan base. In India, each region has its unique biryani style, such as Awadhi biryani or pakki biryani, Hyderabadi biryani or kacchi biryani, and Moplah type biryani from Kerala prepared with short-grain jeera masala rice, among others.

Biryani is one of the food items, that is most frequently ordered by train travelers. So, you can also order online your favorite biryani from the available options via the Food on Track Web App on your next train journey. 

4. Thali:

In India, a thali is a big round plate consisting of different food items based on the region it belongs to. It consists of various food items like rice, dal, sabzi, papad, sweets etc. They are further divided into three categories; Veg Thalis, Non-Veg Thalis, and Fish Thalis. The thali can be a good meal option when travelling on the train and can be ordered online.

The Food on Track Web App offers different styles of thali like Rajasthani Thali, Haryanvi Thali, Himachali Thali, etc. that can be ordered online and enjoyed from the comfort of the train seat.

5. Litti Chokha:

Litti Chokha, a trademark dish of Bihar, is thought to have originated as a survival food during the Sepoy Mutiny in 1857. It is a traditional Bihar staple dish made of Sattu and Wheat. This meal is not only popular in Bihar, but it is also leaving its mark worldwide.

Litti is a wheat dough ball stuffed with sattu and cooked on stove burner until cooked. It is then dipped into pure desi ghee which enhances its flavour. While chokha is a mix of baingan(brinjal), aloo(potato), onion, tomato, ginger, garlic and salt. It is not prepared in the same way as classic curry sabzi. Instead, it is a mixture of all the components, which are first roasted and then mashed before being served with Litti.

6. Paneer Paratha:

The Indian subcontinent’s native flatbread, paratha, is a staple cuisine that is a common and regularly eaten meal in every Indian household. It is typically served with sabzi curry, chicken curry, or mutton curry, depending on individual tastes and preferences.

With time, different styles of paratha have emerged and paneer paratha is one of them. Paneer paratha is a famous North Indian flatbread made with whole wheat flour dough and filled with delicious, seasoned, grated paneer (Indian cottage cheese). Paneer paratha is a popular packed paratha from Punjab that is typically served for breakfast.

7. Tandoori Chicken:

An Indian dish known as tandoori chicken consists of thighs marinated in yoghurt and spices and roasted in a hot tandoor oven. The meal originated in the Indian subcontinent and is now popular throughout the world.

The orange colour comes from either because of the usage of food coloring or Kashmiri red chilli powder. All of the spices, the tangy hint of the yoghurt, and the smoky aroma from the tandoor combine to make this dish taste delicious. It is an irresistible food item that a non-veg lover can have anytime and anywhere, making it the most ordered food on the train.

8. Pav Bhaji:

Pav Bhaji is Mumbai’s popular street dish. It began as a quick meal option for factory employees and has now spread throughout India. Pav is a Hindi or Marathi word for bread rolls, and it is served with Bhaji, which is a tangy, savory spiced curry of mashed and seasoned vegetables.

There is a great deal of demand for pav bhaji on trains and this is one of the most popular dishes throughout the year.

9. Aloo Paratha:

Yet another variant of paratha is the aloo paratha, a popular Indian flatbread filled with delicious spiced potatoes or aloo. It is usually consumed with curd, pickles or butter and can easily be found on the streets of Delhi and Punjab.

10. Dal Tadka:

Dal is the Hindi term for lentils and refers to any lentil soup in Indian cuisine. Before being cooked to perfection, lentils are typically combined with water, turmeric, and salt.

Dal Tadka is a popular Indian lentil dish made with toor or chana dal. Mild tempering of whole spices such as cumin seeds, mustard seeds, and so on increases its flavor, and when served with rice or chapati, it becomes a healthy and delightful dinner alternative, especially on long train journeys.

So the next time you plan to travel, go for the train journey and order from the above-mentioned popular food and receive delicious, hot, and fresh restaurant-style meals on the train by downloading the Food on Track Web App and making the journey enjoyable and memorable.

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