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Train Restaurant Bhimavaram: Order 7 Best Andhra Food Online

Situated along the northern coastline of the Andhra Pradesh state, Bhimavaram is the second-largest city in the West Godavari district. If you plan a train journey to this temple city, don’t miss out on the must-try local Andhra cuisine. Additionally, online food delivery platforms allow pre-booking of food from the best train restaurant Bhimavaram.

The wonderful cuisine of Andhra Pradesh, also known as Telugu food, is equally renowned for its picturesque splendour. The extravagant lifestyle of the stately Nawabs inspired the preparation of unusual delicacies in their kitchens for centuries. The cuisine of Hyderabad is well-known for its delicious Biryanis, aromatic rice, and savoury pickles and chutneys. So, vegetarians and meat eaters alike will find delicious options in Andhra cuisine. 

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Top 7 Andhra Dishes to Order from Train Restaurant Bhimavaram

Andhra food has a wide variety of flavours with fiery, spicy, and sour food palates. Don’t leave Andhra without trying at least one of these amazing dishes, as they feature the region’s signature ingredients. 

Given below is a list of Andhra Pradesh’s ten most distinctive dishes that you can order from train restaurant Bhimavaram:

1. Spicy Chicken Curry

Tender pieces of fresh chicken are cooked in a hot and spicy masala blend, creating a tantalising flavour and aroma. This meal is served over hot, steaming rice and is garnished with fresh coriander leaves.

2. Savoury Jackfruit Curry

Jackfruit curry, or Panasa Puttu Koora, is a well-liked jackfruit dish. Jackfruit is marinated in a spicy mixture and then roasted with cashews for a tasty dish.

3. Yummy Vegetable Curry

In Andhra cuisine, eggplant and brinjal are commonly cooked in a curry known as Gutti Vankaya Curry. Traditional vegetarian curries are a staple in Andhra Pradesh’s cuisine. Vegetable curry is a rice dish prepared with vegetables, rice, and various herbs and spices.

4. Fiery Pepper Chicken

This tender and juicy dish includes chicken pieces cooked in a marinade made with an unusual blend of turmeric, ginger-garlic paste, green chillies, and lemon juice. Curry leaves and crunchy onion rings are a finishing touch to this flavorful main meal.

5. Delicious Hyderabadi Biryani

You shouldn’t skip out on trying this dish, as it is a fan favourite. The meat is seasoned with curd, butter, saffron, and other spices and then cooked with the rice, which is only partially cooked. Your taste buds will love this flavorful biryani.

6. Refreshing Curd Rice

An Andhra meal is undone without a side of savoury and refreshing curd rice. Curd rice, widely popular in Andhra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Kerala, is sought after by anyone who acquires the taste of it. Curd, rice, and a variety of vegetables are cooked with cumin seeds, mustard seeds, and urad dal before being served. Blending it with ginger, chopped green chillies, and curry leaves creates a delicious dish.

7. Tangy Tamarind Rice

If you want to experience authentic Andhra food, you must try tamarind rice and Chitrannam. In addition to curry leaves, tomatoes, and mustard seeds, tamarind is a key component of this sour and salty dish. At celebrations and other special occasions, pulihora is a staple in many homes’ kitchens.

Andhra is the world’s leading producer of red chilli peppers and rice. Thus it seems reasonable that both spices and grains would feature heavily in regional cuisine. Ingredients, including tamarind, pappu, millets, gongura, and gourds, are commonplace. The local cuisine also features hot pickles, which are a staple item. What’s more? You can place a delectable food order from a train restaurant Bhimavaram when travelling along that route via the Indian railways.

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