Contactless Food Delivery System In Train

How Food On Track Web App Follows a Contactless Food Delivery System In Train?

Indian Railways cater to around 23 million passengers every day. And with this huge number of travellers moving frequently, their safety becomes the railway’s priority. However, the food that gets served by train pantries is by no means tasty and hygienic. And with ever-increasing consciousness about hygiene, people are now more concerned about their health and of their loved ones. This is why adopting a contactless food delivery system in the train has become a priority post-covid era.

But how to get healthy food for a train journey is the biggest riddle to crack. Online catering services in trains have addressed the concerns. However, trusting any brand without proper research will not only get heavy on your pocket but also sabotage your health. This is where the Food on Track Web App comes as a rescuer to order food in train. Besides contactless food delivery on the train, it also ensures that food quality and hygiene are never compromised.

What is Contactless Food Delivery System in Train?

Contactless delivery was started to maintain social distancing norms during the outbreak of coronavirus cases. And now it has become a part of everyone's lifestyle. Delivery Executive, in this process, places the order outside the customer’s doorsteps to avoid any physical contact. The same process started on the train by online catering service providers for food delivery on train. Here, the delivery executive places the food on their berth/seat instead of handing them to the customer.

How Is the Contactless Food Delivery System in Train Is Reshaping the Industry?

The Food on Track Web App has partnered with 3000+ FSSAI-approved restaurants all over India. It provides food in 10000+ trains and for this reason, safety becomes a significant point to focus on. So, to make sure passengers’ safety is not compromised while delivering food on the train, various precautions are taken.

Safety Guidelines Followed by Our Partner Restaurants:

  • Precautionary measures start right from the entry of staff. Before entering the premises, everyone, from kitchen staff to guards, body temperature is checked. Anyone suspected of being infected is immediately sent home for at least 14 days of isolation.
  • The kitchen and everyone in it must sanitize their hands, particularly the cooks.
  • Wear head caps and hand gloves are mandatory for all kitchen staff.

Safety Guidelines followed by our Delivery Executives:

  • Only asymptomatic delivery boys will be permitted to make deliveries.
  • Delivery boys must undergo thermal screening.
  • All delivery boys are required to wear masks and gloves.
  • Before and after each delivery, the delivery bags must be sanitized.
  • Each delivery boy is required to download and use the ‘Aarogya Setu app.

Contactless Online Food Delivery System in Train

Traveling is something that is never going to stop. So, to make it the safe one becomes the priority. And contactless food ordering and delivery is the first step in that direction. But how to avail of this facility while using the Food on Track Web App?

To Experience Contactless and Safe Food Delivery on Train by Food on Track Web App, one needs to follow a few steps:

  1. Download the app or visit the official website.
  2. Fill in the PNR number/Train number, and boarding date and press on order now.
  3. You will then be redirected to the page containing restaurant lists of different stations.
  4. Select the station to which you want your food to be delivered. Place the order for your favorite meal.
  5. Select a payment method: debit card, credit card, net banking, UPI, or cash on delivery (COD).

And keep on doing with what you were busy before placing the order. Because taking care of the taste and hygiene is our concern.

Travelers can also enjoy Contactless Delivery from the Food on Track Web App using other methods: 

  1. Via Call 810-220-2203
  2. WhatsApp on 810-220-2203
  3. Via our contact us page
  4. Via tagging us on our social media channels




5 Benefits of Ordering Food Via The Food On Track Web App On Trains

Millions of passengers travel every day by train and they can be of any age. Using digital platforms may not be easy for everyone. In that case, an easy interface can be of great help. With our easy navigation and food ordering process feature, customers can easily order their food en route while traveling. We want our customers to enjoy their favorite food on the train and make memories.

While traveling, the first and foremost motive of anyone is to have hygienic food on the train. But the condition of pantry cars doesn’t let passengers have such an experience. However, healthy and hygienic food on the train is no more a dream. We have partnered with 3000+ FSSAI-approved restaurants serving in 10000+ trains.

Going on a vacation and still having simple Ghar ka Khana? Stop torturing your taste buds and try ordering from our wide range of cuisines. We offer North Indian, South Indian, Continental, Thali meals, and many more to satisfy your cravings and make your train trip a better one than before. And if traveling in a big group of friends or family, a group food order facility is also available.

Did you order food from the Food on Track Web App but cannot pay via cash? We’ve got you covered. In order to make your payment, you can use; a debit card/credit card/UPI/Net Banking/Cash on Delivery (COD), whatever is convenient for you.

By applying food on track Web App coupon codes during payment, passengers can save up to 25% on food ordering. However, there are times when people prefer carrying home-cooked food. If this is the case, remember to avoid certain types of foods before packing meals. And otherwise, we are here at your service.

Download the Food on Track Web App or visit the official website and Order Restaurant Food on Train Online at Your Seat.

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