Food on Train From Ara Junction Restaurants

Enjoy this Holi with Food on Train From Ara Junction Restaurants

The season of Holi, one of the great festivals of India, is coming. Festivals mean lots of travel and rush back home. People often head to their families to celebrate this vibrant festival. Holi is one such a celebration when your whole environment transforms into festive colours even weeks before the festival.

Are you planning to travel to the northern part of the country? Then, you must try the popular food recipes from various restaurants in the Arrah district of Bihar. The historic city of Arrah is gradually turning into a gourmet city after the opening of numerous restaurants. Several Ara junction restaurant have made their place in the hearts of foodies. Luckily, a few such restaurants also deliver food on trains to make your journey more enjoyable.

Moreover, online catering apps deliver a diverse variety of Holi dishes from their restaurant partners to passengers on the train. These recipes are freshly prepared, ensuring that the recommended hygiene protocols are met. Food on train apps have simple steps for meal ordering on trains to make your tour entertaining.

Various Food Options at Ara Junction Restaurants

Holi, the celebration of the festival, starts right from the beginning of the train journey back home. The excitement of travelling during the festival is on another level. Festivals are synonymous with family gatherings, celebrations, and delicious meals. Why wait to reach home to embrace the festive mood when you can do it on the train itself? Thanks to the train apps, you can enjoy different varieties of Holi recipes even while on the train.

Festival Thalis

An Indian thali is one of the most beloved platters in India, which typically includes rice, bread, lentil curry, vegetable curry, raita, pickles, chutney, papad, and sweets. Such a platter completes the food needs of a train journey. You can order an Indian thali for lunch or dinner. Restaurants linked to online train food portals deliver such platters on trains, enhancing your Holi celebrations onboard.

Kadai Paneer Tikka

How about relishing the flavourful and protein-rich dish, Kadai Paneer Tikka, on trains? This is another speciality of the restaurants in Arrah. Usually, Kadai paneer Tikka is prepared by marinating paneer cubes in a mixture of spices, yoghurt, and lemon juice and then roasting them until golden brown. Order a platter of Kadai paneer Tikka with naan or rice to make your train journey memorable.

Non-vegetarian Recipes

Getting quality non-vegetarian food seems challenging while travelling on a train. Luckily, the Ara Junction restaurant partners deliver different varieties of non-vegetarian dishes on the train. You can order chicken tikka, chicken tandoori, fish, egg curry, etc., from this restaurant and get your Holi mood on.

Breakfast Special

A platter of your favourite breakfast is everything you need to start the day. Food-on-train apps cater to your breakfast needs; they deliver different varieties of breakfast on the train, like Chhole Bhature, Idli Sambar, sandwiches, Puri Bhaji, and so on. 


Gujiya is one of the most popular snacks during Holi. The sweet fried pastry is created using refined flour, which is filled with Khoya and dry fruits. It will surely lighten the festive mood on the train.


The journey to Arrah in Bihar is incomplete without relishing the khurma. The local traditional sweet, khurma, is known for its crispy texture and sweet flavour. A box of khurma appears like a cherry on top in festivals like Holi. If you consider ordering food on the train, khurma becomes a must-try sweet. Order this special recipe from Ara junction restaurants and enjoy your train journey more.

How to Order Food on the Train

The advent of IRCTC food apps has made food delivery on trains very easy. The train food apps ensure the delivery of fresh, nutritious, and tasty food to your seat on the train. You can use these straightforward steps to book food on trains online.

  • Visit a train food app like Food on Track.
  • Enter the train details or your PNR number.
  • Browse through the available restaurants and food options list, and select the dishes you want to order.
  • Make payment for your order through the available payment options, such as credit or debit card, net banking, or cash-on-delivery.
  • Your food will be shipped to your seat on the train at the designated time.

If Arrah city falls along your train’s route, you should try the traditional Holi recipes of North India. Food on train app ensures trusted and timely delivery of food on trains. You can also live-track your order using these apps. Additionally, you can add instructions to the app or call the customer care executive. The instructions will be sent to the restaurant that will cook your favourite food.

The Food on Track web app provides mouth-watering recipes from the local Ara restaurants. The online catering service ensures the delivery of the real taste of North Indian cuisines in trains by partnering with Ara junction restaurants. Moreover, you can order food from various restaurant partners across India using the Food on Track app and make your journey the best.

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