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How to Order Food on Trains from Alternative Apps of Swiggy?

Are you looking for train food delivery options like Zomato or Swiggy so you may enjoy your favourite meal while travelling? Unfortunately, none of these app services offer food delivery for train passengers. The perfect alternative is to use an expert online train food service and ensure  a fantastic and memorable meal while on the train.

Top alternatives apps for Swiggy food on train service are RailRestro, E Catering App, RailMitra, etc. You may get a wide selection of meals, tailor your order to your preferences, and pay for it in one convenient online location.


Online Food on Track Options on Indian Railways

The thrill of the train ride! Beautiful scenes of verdant landscapes, towering mountains, and serene rivers may be seen from the train's windows. When the delivery person brings your favourite foods and you open the packet, from the way the aroma fills the air, you can almost taste them.

Ordering food for delivery on trains is made easy with the help of online booking services. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals, beverages, and desserts are just some of the many offerings available through these ecatering websites from well-known restaurants. Using their PNR number, passengers may easily reserve meals and have them brought right to their seats.


Best Features of Swiggy Alternatives for Food Delivery in Train

In recent years, ecatering businesses for trains have emerged as viable alternatives to the Swiggy food in train service. Your dietary requirements will be expertly met by them. Their useful characteristics include:

Quality Food Packaging

Travellers can save time and effort by using a railway food booking system designed with the specifics of eating on a train in mind. The best cuisine, packaged in the best way, is brought to you on the train.

Hygienic Food Production

Those who use the IRCTC's food booking services may rest assured that their meals will be served hot, freshly made, and straight to their seats.

Meal Customisation

Now that there are online catering services, you may tailor your order to your own tastes. While placing an order, you have the option of including detailed cooking instructions that will be relayed to participating restaurants.

Affordable Price

The meals available through the IRCTC food booking service are priced affordably, making them a viable alternative for those on the train. In addition, you may save money while ordering meals online from a train catering app because it provides discounts that can be applied in the form of delivery coupons.

Extensive Menu Selection

You can pick from the choicest food range while riding a train. Book meals from the multicuisine restaurant menu on the food on track apps if you're hungry. Vegetarian, non-vegetarian, Jain, snack, fast food, and other options can all be reserved using the IRCTC food booking facility.

Jain Menu Choices

The IRCTC food booking service has simplified -catering apps the procedure of obtaining Jain cuisine when travelling. A wide variety of Jain breakfast, lunch, supper, snack, and dessert options are available through the train catering app. The service provides Jain food to the passenger's seats before dusk, allowing them to relax and enjoy their flight.

Meal Pre-Ordering Facility

Unlike other online food platforms, railway e-catering service providers allow you to pre-order your meal before boarding the train. The ability to pre-book meals is a time- and money-saving convenience that guarantees prompt delivery of high-quality fare at reasonable pricing. Your pre-ordered lunch will be brought to your seat as the train halts at your previously opted station.

The Group Food Order Option

The convenience of online train meal services is the ability to place bulk orders for multiple people at once. Depending on the tastes of your party, you can customise your meal order. It helps you meet everyone's demands quickly and efficiently.

Fill out an inquiry form on an e-catering app and provide a comprehensive description of all your food requirements to place a bulk food purchase.


How to Book Meals from Swiggy Alternatives for Train Food Delivery

It only takes a few simple steps to place an order with a train's catering service. Follow the guided steps below to order your train meals:

  1. Submit your train information or PNR number.
  2. Choose the restaurant and menu items you'd want to purchase.
  3. Use promotional codes and provide any other requirements.
  4. Visit the order summary page.
  5. After you've paid in full, your order will be verified and your order ID will be communicated to you.
  6. While waiting, use this order number to monitor the status of your delivery.
  7. When the train pulls into the station, your meal will be delivered to your seat.

You can also use the provided WhatsApp number to place a meal order. The specialised helpline is accessible around the clock to address any issues with food orders.


The advent of ecatering app services on trains has revolutionised how people experience train travel. With these online options, you won't have to get off the train at every station to buy food or haul it home. Online railway food delivery services are available at most of India's main train stations, so hungry passengers can place orders before they board.

If you seek alternatives of the Swiggy food in train app, grab all your favourite food from the Food on Track Web App. Install the app now to multiply your trip enjoyment.


FAQs On Swiggy Food Delivery In Train

Q1.   How does Swiggy food delivery in train work?
Ans. Unfortunately, Swiggy doesn't deliver food on train. But, you can use Swiggy’s alternatives such as FoodOnTrack or Railrestro app to get Swiggy food delivery in train.

Q2.   Does Swiggy deliver on a train?
Ans. No, Swiggy is unserviceable on train. Use the Food On Track App if you want to get food delivery on train. You can call FoodOnTrack Team at 8102202203 or visit their website/download the FoodOnTrack App.

Q3.   How do I get food delivery on a train?
Ans. To get food delivery on a train you just need to enter your PNR or Train details on RailRestro App, Select on-route station where you want the order to get delivered, Select Restaurant and items, and proceed to the payment page.

Q4.   Can we order food in train from Zomato or Swiggy?
Ans. No, as Zomato or Swiggy both are unserviceable on train. Use the RailRestro App or Food On Track App to order food in train.

Q5.   How To Order Food In Train From Swiggy?
Ans. Swiggy doesn't deliver food on train. If you want the Swiggy food delivery in train then you may use RailRestro App.

Q6.   How does food delivery on train work?
Ans. To get Food delivery on train use RailRestro as it’s quite easy to use and user-friendly app which allows us to order food on train.

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