Discover delicious dining deals on food on track app

Discover Delicious Dining Deals on Food on Track App

Are you seeking food delivery in trains with dining deals that satisfy your cravings without emptying your wallet? If so, the Food on Track app should be your ultimate dining companion! 

Food on Track is the go-to app for foodies and budget-conscious diners with exclusive discounts, special promotions, and unbeatable savings. In this article, let’s explore the benefits of food on-track apps and why they’re the ideal choice for food lovers and budget-conscious diners.

Brief introduction of Food on Track Web App Services

The Food on Track Web App is a specialised service which deals with food delivery in trains for railway passengers. It is committed to delivering restaurant-style, hot and fresh meals onboard to enhance your journey experience. 

With partnerships with over 2000+ IRCTC & FSSAI-approved food outlets across India, the meals on wheels platform serves passengers in more than 7000 trains, including Shatabdi, Rajdhani, Tejas Express, and other express trains.

Benefits of using Food on Track App

Are you a train traveller looking for a convenient way to order food onboard? Check out the Food on Track app! This app is designed to make your train journey more enjoyable by offering a wide selection of restaurant-style meals delivered right to your seat. Below are some critical benefits of using the Food on Track app:

Exclusive discounts

The app provides exclusive discounts on meals from various restaurants, allowing you to enjoy your favourite cuisines at discounted prices. This lets you eat well while saving money. 

Easily-navigable interface

The Food on Track app has a user-friendly interface that makes browsing through different restaurants easily, viewing their menus, and placing orders with just a few taps on your smartphone. This convenience allows you to quickly find and order affordable meals, even on the go.

Wide range of restaurant options

The app partners with a diverse range of restaurants, including popular chains, local eateries, and niche cuisines, giving you a wide selection of dining choices. You can explore new restaurants or stick to your favourites, all while enjoying discounts and promotions.

Convenient payment options

The app may offer various payment options, including online payment, cash on delivery, or in-app wallet, making it convenient for you to pay for your meals in a way that suits you best.

Book food on train orders with exciting coupons and offers

Do you want to avoid boring and tasteless food while travelling on trains? Book your train meals on the Food On Track Web App! It offers a comprehensive variety of delectable dishes at reasonable costs, including Jain Food on Track. This app also provides exciting coupons and offers for food order on train. So, it is your ultimate dining companion during train journeys. 

Let’s look at some of its exclusive coupons and offers for food on train:

  • BIGHUNGERFEST; Get 10% off to satisfy your hunger
  • RRAPP35; Avail of cashback of Rs 35/- off on your food orders
  • FREEDELIVERY; Enjoy free food delivery in train with a discount of up to 20% off on all orders through the mobile app
  • MYGROUP; Get 15% off for group orders
  • BITE30 ; Get Rs 30/- off on your order with this food on-train coupon.

These coupons and offers provide discounts on food orders on train made through the Food On Track app, making ordering food more affordable and convenient during your train journey.

How to place an order on Food on Track App

Ordering food via the Food on Track Web App Service is quick and easy. Follow these three simple steps:

Enter your PNR number

After downloading the Food on Track app, enter your PNR number to view a list of restaurants available. Tap on your preferred restaurant to see the food options (menu) offered.

Pick your preferred cuisine

You can pick from a large variety of dishes provided by our catering partners. Put all your preferred food items in the Cart.

Decide on a payment method

You will view the total cost in the Shopping Cart. Apply a suitable option from debit and credit cards, online banking, UPI, and COD to proceed with your payment. 

Get delicious, freshly prepared meals brought to your seat without risk. To guarantee fresh and secure meal delivery, we use a contactless delivery method. 

Avoid the inconvenience of carrying extra food during your upcoming train journey and say goodbye to tasteless pantry meals. Welcome the food on track app services and say hello to a range of fresh and yummy food orders in trains. And as icing on the cake, these apps offer coupons on online food on wheels orders for huge discounts and cashback offers.

So, travel light and enjoy a satisfying meal on the go with the Food on Track web app. Download the app now! 

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Food On Track

Food on Track is a dedicated app for food delivery service in train. Passengers traveling by train and craving tasty and hygienic food on the train can download the food on track app and order the best restaurant-style food for their train journey