Order KFC Meals During Train Journeys

How To Order KFC Meals During Train Journeys?

KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken, is among the most sought-after fast-food chains in the world. Its food items have a separate fan base. People across different nations love to drool over the fried chicken of this most-reported food company. You can find KFC food outlets in India's small to big urban areas.

People travelling by train also crave its mesmerising dishes. And if you also have such cravings, you can order delicacies like KFC meals on the train. Food on the Track web app, managed by RailRestro's food delivery in train services, offers a range of food options for train passengers, including food items like KFC dishes on trains.

Rail passengers can order KFC type food varieties, such as fried chicken, biryani, patties, cake, Tandoori Zinger Burger, Peri Peri Chicken Strip, Smoky Red Chicken, Chicken Popcorn, Patties, Cake and more while journeying. To order food in trains, passengers need to follow some simple steps.

Reason Behind the Popularity of KFC Meals

There are diverse reasons for the popularity of KFC. Here, we have mentioned some of them.

Trust - The first franchise of KFC opened in 1952, making it one of the most trustworthy food outlets in the world.

Wide Presence - KFC's food chain is in more than 150 countries. It has around 23000 food outlets in different cities.

Unique Taste - KFC offers its customers unique tastes. It uses exclusive ingredients and techniques to prepare food items.

Quality Food - KFC provides high-quality and fresh food to its customers. In addition, it keeps updating its food varieties and culinary recipes. 

Experience - KFC is not limited to offering quality and delicious meals but also offers visitors a kind of royalty. It provides a pleasant environment at its outlets and class by offering food in its designated food boxes. 

People always expect high-quality Food and taste from KFC, and the brand always tries to deliver the same to its customers. Currently, KFC itself doesn't deliver food in train. However, you can order a KFC style meal on train with the Food on Track app.

How to Order KFC Food on Train

You can order KFC style food in train with the following:

     PNR number

     Train details


Order food items similar to KFC Meal with PNR Number

To order food with your PNR number, visit the food on train track app and follow these simple steps.

  1. Find the 10-digit PNR number of your train tickets and enter them in the given box.
  2. Click on the Order Now button. You will be ushered to a new page where you can see options to order food at your en-route stations.
  3. Explore the menu of different restaurants at different railway stations and select the KFC specialised food from delicious chicken to cake.
  4. Add your preferred food items to your cart and proceed with the order process by selecting payment methods, applying coupon codes and entering details such as your contact number, name, email id and journey details.

Now relax; your food will be delivered right to your seat when the train reaches the designated station.

Order KFC type food with Train Details

You can order food similar to KFC food in train by providing train details.

  1. Visit the official food website on the Track web app and enter your train number along with the station name on which you want your food delivered.
  2. Click on the Order Now button. You will be transported to another page. Here, you can see all your train en route stations on which food delivery services are available.
  3. Click on the station name. You can see the RailRestro partnered restaurants. Explore its menu and add KFC's famous food to your cart.
  4. Proceed with the order process by selecting payment methods, applying coupon codes and entering details such as your contact number, name, email id and PNR number.
  5. Click on the "place order" button. Your food order will be successfully confirmed.

After completing the Order, you might get a call for order confirmation. You can also track your order status from preparation to delivery. 

Order food like the "KFC meal on train" with the Location

To order your KFC-type meal with Location. You can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the food on track website and choose your preferred railway station at which you want to order your meal.
  2. You will be redirected to the Railrestro website. Now you can order Food with a PNR number or train details and follow the above steps.
  3. You can place the Order easily and enjoy a KFC special meal in train.

Services of Food on track powered by RailRestro are available at more than 450 railway stations in India to satiate the hunger of commuters. With it, you can order any of your preferred meals, from Domino's style Pizza to Mcdonald's burgers, KFC's Fried chicken to Behroz's Biryani. You can book any of your favourite meals on train. 

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