Alternative to Zomato for Food Delivery in Trains

Is There Another Alternative to Zomato for Food Delivery in Trains?

Online food ordering has become increasingly popular recently. e-catering apps have made our life easier by providing convenient access to healthy food. The widespread availability of meal delivery apps, the ease they provide, and the shifting priorities of consumers have made this a reality.

Not only have online meal delivery services revolutionised how we order food at home, but they have also altered the way we eat when travelling by train. The Food on Track App service has menus similar to Zomato so that you can order from restaurants throughout the country. Since Zomato doesn't deliver food in trains, RailRestro backed Food on Track Web App is the best alternative to Zomato for Food Delivery in Train.

What's an Ecatering Service for the Railways?

Train passengers in India can use online platforms called railway e catering services to place orders from a wide variety of restaurants and have them delivered to their seats. It aspires to make ordering food on trains easier and more streamlined and guarantee that passengers can access safe and tasty fare. Furthermore, what's the deal here? The meal is brought to the passenger at their seat.

The Top Alternative to Zomato for Food Delivery in Trains

It's not feasible to rely on Zomato for food delivery on trains if you're a frequent rail passenger. However, Zomato's competitors provide equally good, if not better, meal delivery services for rail travellers. Zomato isn't the only train meal delivery app available; RailRestro, RailMitra, Food on Track Web App, and E-catering App are some of the others. These railway ecatering sites have many advantages, such as an extensive menu, easy delivery for those taking the train, special deals, and more.

Here's an overview of why these Food on Track apps are great options for satisfying your hunger while on the train.

Various Food Choices

E-catering apps have made dining onboard trains a delightful experience. Pantry cars' mediocre and repetitive offerings are no longer acceptable to passengers. E-catering apps have made it possible for passengers to order a wide range of cuisines—from Paneer Kofta and chicken dishes to biryani and regional thalis, snacks, fast food, light fare, and more—while they travel.

Easily Accessible, Safe Food

Hygiene standards for food supplied on trains can be difficult to enforce, especially if the food is made in a separate facility. However, e-catering platforms on trains make certain that the food is clean and safe to eat. Hygiene and quality requirements are enforced through routine inspections of the food providers and restaurants participating in the platforms.

Choices in Jain Cuisine

Indian railway e catering platforms offer a variety of Jain dishes to accommodate the specific dietary needs of Jain travellers. The cuisine is safe and hygienic because it is made following Jain food requirements, which may be found on online catering platforms. In addition, all meal orders are guaranteed to arrive before sundown.

Group Ordering of Food

Train trips with a large group were never simpler than with the advent of railway e catering services. E-catering services allow for the simultaneous placement of orders for a large number of people to share a meal. To ensure everyone in your party enjoys their meal, you can tailor your order to their tastes and dietary restrictions.

Coupons for Attractive Discounts

Customers can save a lot of money using e catering apps specifically designed for the rail industry to redeem their coupons. These discounts help to keep the cost of the meal and the service to a minimum. When placing an order on the e-catering platform, travellers can save money by entering a promotional code at checkout.

Meal Reservations

Passengers can pre-order meals via an online catering platform before boarding the train. Thanks to this convenient addition, passengers will no longer have to deal with the trouble of ordering food on train. Passengers with special dietary requirements or preferences can benefit greatly from this feature.

How does an online ordering app work?

E-catering services on trains are simple to manage. The following are a few easy steps involved:

  1. Obtain the App from an App store
  2. Input Travel Information
  3. Look over the menu and choose desired meals.
  4. Provide further cooking instructions
  5. Pay the bill
  6. Receive an order number and order confirmation.
  7. Check the status of that purchase with the order number.
  8. Enjoy on-time train meal delivery.

The Whatsapp number for placing food orders is 8102 202 203. To aid passengers with their meal orders and address any complaints they may have, railway e catering platforms provide a customer support helpline.

Indian train travel has been revolutionised with the introduction of online food ordering through railway e catering platforms. You can stop looking for Zomato on the train now that you have this. Pre-booking meals, free delivery, group ordering, and savings have made train rides more fun and stress-free using this online catering platform.

If you're looking for a reliable and convenient ecatering service on trains, look no further than RailRestro's Food on Track Web App. Get this App before your next train trip and feast like a king.

FAQs On Zomato Food Delivery In Train

Q1.   Which is the best online food delivery in train app?
Ans. RailRestro App is one of the best online food delivery in train apps. You will get so many food options to get in onboard.

Q2.   How does Zomato food delivery in train work?
Ans. Unfortunately, Zomato doesn't deliver food on train. But meanwhile, you can use its alternatives such as RailRestro or FoodOnTrack app to get Zomato food delivery in train.

Q3.   How to order food on train from Zomato?
Ans. To get food order in train you just need your PNR or Train details. As Zomato doesn't provide service on train you can use the Foodontrack app to get the food delivery right at your train seat.

Q4.   Can we get food delivery in train from Zomato or Swiggy?
Ans. Unfortunately, as Zomato or Swiggy both are unserviceable on train. Use the FoodOnTrack app or RailRestro App to get food delivery in train.

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