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15 Best Authentic Jain Dishes You Can Order in Train

Indians who strictly adhere to the Jain religion do not consume stray food, especially since they prepare it in a very conventional fashion. Jain community members frequently travel for various religious events. The availability of Jain food in train in India has been a major problem for travellers throughout the country. The main reason is that not all food establishments usually take the necessary safety procedures, and Jain cuisine adheres to some rigorous rules on dining.

But, now it is much simpler to place an order for Jain food on the train and get it delivered to your seat via an online train catering service. It boasts a network of eateries in all of the major train stations served by Indian Railways.

Top 15 Options for Pure and Savory Jain Cuisine in Trains

A variety of delicious, fresh, and healthy Jain meals are now available through top food on-track services. You can order various Jain food in trains effortlessly while travelling. On your next rail trip through India, consider ordering one of these delicious traditional foods.

Jain Vada Pav

Raw Bananas are used to create the Vada part of the Jain Vada Pav. The Jain diet is known for its delicious simplicity. For those who like their Vada without potatoes, like the Jains, a customised version of your beloved Vada Pav just for you is available. So, even if you are not a member of the Jain faith, all you need is a cuisine from Mumbai with a Jain twist.

Jain Pav Bhaji

Raw bananas substitute potatoes in Bhaji preparation for Jain Pav Bhaji. The dish is widely consumed among the Jain community. The flavour of Jain Pav Bhaji is fantastic. It may appear odd that a meal could taste remarkably delicious without onion and garlic. However, the Jain Pav Bhaji is yummy without onion and garlic.

Dapka Kadhi

There are no pakoras in Jaini Kadhi, but if you love pakoras, feel free to add some. They contribute a distinctive and delightful flavour. The Jain Kadhi is well-known among the Jain community. It’s a must-try item, so give it a shot. You’ll go nuts over how good it tastes if you try it.

French Beans Foogath

This is a well-known meal from South India, or you might say that French Beans Foogath is just a twist on the traditional South Indian speciality Beans Foogath. This is a traditional Goan dish, too. Think about how good a meal with three culinary traditions would be. There is the Jain, the South Indian, and the Goan tradition.

Grilled Paneer and Apple Sandwich

While Paneer and apples are packed with healthy nutrients, eating the two, individually for breakfast can get tiresome. Have grilled sandwiches made with Paneer and apples instead of that mundane breakfast? The unique flavour and texture of the Paneer and Apple grilled sandwich come from the deep-fried Paneer and Apple and the generous amounts of Cheese. There are several healthy Veggies in the Sandwich. The flavour of the sandwich is delicious. The grilling adds a unique flavour.

Jain Dal Makhani

Everyone agrees that Dal Makhani is delicious because of the generous amounts of onion, ginger, and garlic used in the recipe. On the other hand, we know that Jains are forbidden from eating a wide variety of foods, including onion, garlic, and many more. Therefore, this Dal has tremendous significance for Jains. To make this Dal, you need only add all ingredients, minus the prohibited ones. The Dal has a tasty, satisfying flavour.

Jain Tomato Sauce

You don’t need onion or garlic to know that a sauce created without them is delicious, flavorful, smooth, and creamy. It takes considerable time to accomplish the required texture and flavour for this Jain tomato sauce. In any case, your efforts won’t go to waste because the sauce turns out delicious.

Cabbage and Paneer Paratha

Even the Jains enjoy a good paratha. Jains Paneer Paratha differs from regular Cabbage and Paneer Parathas in that it doesn’t call for any onions or garlic to be cooked into the dish. If you’ve never tried a Garlic Paratha sans onions, you should. Undoubtedly, it will beget you nothing but sheer joy.

Baked Chaklis

This is a type of chakli that is delicious and quite well-liked in the Jain community. Jaini Chakli is baked instead of fried, which is the main distinction between it and regular Chakli. When steamed, baked chakli has an equally delicious flavour.

Sev Tameta

When it comes to chaat, this one is king. One of the best Jain foods is this spicy chaat. The peppery flavour is so delicious that it will drive you insane. This dish is tremendously enjoyed by people who crave spicy food.We recommend starting with this chaat if you’re curious about chat devoured by Jainism followers. To put it simply, plenty of Tomato and Sev makes for a fantastic mix.

Laccha Paratha

We all agree that Lachha Paratha is delicious. It’s worth noting that the Lachha Paneer Paratha is a variation of the original Lachha Paratha. Although we have access to many other types of Parathas, this particular one is considered a Jaini delicacy. Paneer is well crushed before being used to make this Paratha. One must sample this typical Jain paratha.

Mung Soup

When it comes to nutritious and unique soups, Moong Soup stands out as exceptional. Moong Soup is just regular old soup with a hearty helping of dal added for good measure. It can be paired with a fluffy lachha paneer paratha, which turns into a wholesome meal. This incredible Jaini meal is a must-try.

Jaggery Dosa

A variety of Dosa preparations with different kinds of fillings are available. People interested in sweet delicacies will find Jaggery Dosa outstanding. The flavour of this Jain cuisine is deliciously unique due to the inclusion of jaggery in the Dosa batter before fermentation. What comes out is so delicious that you’ll want to kiss your fingers.

Corn Korma

Everyone who enjoys corn, including Jains, should try making Corn Korma. Corn gets an extra-special treatment when cooked in gravy, also known as Korma. Chopped coriander leaves are used as a delicious garnish for this dish. Lachha Paratha is an option for this.

Jaini Tendli Bhaat

Jains eat a delicacy called Tendli Bhaat (boiling gourd rice). The people of Maharashtra love this meal. One is the Marathi touch, which elevates the taste of the edibles delivered, and the other is the Jaini touch, which is straightforward yet delicious.

The food on Track App has simplified the online ordering of pure Jain food in trains. It has a network of eateries across India that follow Jain food preparation guidelines and FSSAI regulations for online food delivery on trains. Get this food on train app service for your smartphone today!

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