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Chicken is one of the most delicious and widely consumed dishes, that can be found on every occasion. The versatility of chicken dishes makes them a favourite among non-vegetarians; as they can be grilled, roasted, sautéed, baked, boiled, or fried. This meal option is not only delicious but also packed with nutrients like protein, phosphorus, amino acid etc. making it widely preferred by people for health and taste reasons. 

Non-vegetarians like to explore different chicken preparations since they are easy to digest. It is also a popular meal option for those who travel. In fact, it is frequently ordered on the train journey, replacing veg biryani, egg curry, and other food options available in pantry cars and at railway stations. If you also want to enjoy restaurant-style chicken meals during the journey, order food on the train online via the Food on Track Web App and make your journey more enjoyable.

If you are also a chicken lover and confused about which preparation to order. Below is the list of tasty chicken meals that can be ordered online and enjoyed while on the train from the comfort of your seat/berth.

1. Mughlai Chicken Curry:

Mughlai chicken curry, which originated in Northern India, is one of the culinary treasures from the Royal Mughal kitchens. It’s a rich and savoury dish made up of bite-sized pieces of delicious chicken coated in a thick curry sauce with nuts like almonds or cashews.

The curry is seasoned with a mix of fragrant spices, giving this dish a great aroma and flavour. This delicately spiced chicken meal goes well with parathas, jeera rice or tandoori garlic roti.

Mughlai Chicken Curry On Track

2. Chettinad Chicken Curry:

Chicken Chettinad is one of the most flavourful chicken dishes that originate from Tamil Nadu. The whole spices are toasted and powdered before being combined with ginger and garlic to make a paste of spices, as is common in many Indian cuisines. The chicken is then simmered till cooked with curry leaves and tomatoes to make a tasty and spicy Chettinad chicken curry.

This South Indian spicy chicken preparation is said to be the most ordered meal on the train. If you want to try something new and spicy on your next train ride, get Chettinad Chicken Curry from the Food on Track Web App and make your journey delightful.

Chettinad Chicken Curry On Track

3. Chicken Saagwala or Palak Chicken:

“Saag” is a Punjabi phrase that refers to any leafy green preparation made from spinach, fenugreek, mustard, or cabbage leaves. And Palak Chicken, also known as Chicken Saagwala, is a traditional Indian dish cooked with fresh spinach leaves that can be eaten along with rice or chapati.

The advantage of palak chicken is that it is light and nutritious enough to eat in both the summer and winter. Furthermore, the nutritional properties of spinach will help you avoid catching a cold.

Saagwala Chicken Curry On rack
4. Murgh Amritsari Makhani:

Originating from Amritsar as the name suggests, this chicken meal is the most lip-smacking dish among the rest that a non-vegetarian should try. Murgh Makhani is a classic Indian meal that can be found in several restaurants.

This dish is perfect for dinner and makes a good combination when served with roti, jeera rice, or paratha. Using the train food order service of online catering, one can experience this hot and tasty cuisine while travelling and enjoy the journey.

Amritsari Murgh Makhani On Track
5. Chicken Dum Biryani:

Biryani, a Mughlai cuisine, is a mixed rice dish that originated among the royal khansamah of the durbar of Old Delhi during the Mughal Empire’s late 16th-century court. Dum biryani is a tasty biryani meal with chicken as the main ingredient that is carefully prepared over a low flame and covered with a handy lid (usually sealed with flour). Order chicken dum biryani online on the train and make your journey delightful.

Chicken Dum Biryani On Track
6. Masaledar Chicken Lollipop

The chicken lollipop is an Indo-Chinese fusion recipe. According to Wikipedia, it is essentially a frenched chicken winglet, with the meat cut loose from the bone end and pushed down to form a lollipop shape. It is typically served hot with schezwan sauce.

A popular meal in the Indian subcontinent and loved by people of all age groups, the chicken lollipop is a yummy snack option and goes along well with a chilled soft drink.

7. Teekha Murg:

Teekha Murgh is a delicious, hot and spicy version of the traditional chicken curry that is perfect for all chilli cuisine lovers. For this recipe, chicken is cooked in mustard oil and a few tomatoes to balance the flavours. To balance the heat or spiciness, pair this tangy delicacy with either rumali roti or khamiri roti and enjoy your meal. 

Teekha Murgh On Track
How do you order food on the train?

The Food on Track Web App now offers online catering services so passengers can order food online while on the train.

    • Download the Food on Track Web App from the Play Store or Apple Store. You can also arrange meals on trains by calling 8102202203.
    • Enter your 10-digit PNR number or search using the train name or number, then choose a boarding date.
    • The next step is to select the boarding station where you would like your food delivered.
    • Choose your favourite non-vegetarian items from our partner restaurants and pay online or by COD. A delicious, restaurant-style, fresh meal will be delivered to your seat on time.

You can also get huge discounts on food when ordered in bulk. So, the next time you are travelling in groups, place a group food order and enjoy a tasty meal at a discounted rate.  

The experience of travelling by train is truly unique. Long journeys can, however, make you hungry, which makes everything taste better. And having your favourite chicken dish on the train will certainly make the trip more enjoyable. So, download the app or visit our official website and order your favourite meal for your next trip.

Apart from that, passengers can access our online platform to check their PNR status, train timetable, and Live Upcoming Trains at Station. Furthermore, travellers can use its live train tracking feature to get live train status and seat availability.

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